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Hi everyone, Tanki here and this is my officer report for May!

I feel I say that every month but god the time flies. There we are already 10 months. As time goes, many projects come to a completion and I’m getting ready to move onto a new journey.

Derby Day

We had our annual Derby Day competition against UEA. It was a fantastic day! A bit rainy but to see so many fantastic games played by so many fantastic players was brilliant! My last ever Derby Day at home was fabs and it didn’t matter that we won or lost! We did very well and god it was close.

Strategic plan

As part of my role as President Elect, I have started being involved in the discussions of both the University and the SU’s strategic plans. It is very interesting to see the ideas that are being expressed to look at the future of our University. Keep an eye out, you will be kept updated of the process.

Awards season

What a brilliant week it was! We had the pleasure of going through the awards seasons and especially in my role attending the Staff Awards and Socs & Rebel Awards. It was very nice to see our staffs and students being celebrated for all their hard work and celebrating what they have achieved! I had the pleasure of presenting the Staff Awards and Socs & Rebel Awards and I wanted to give a big shout-out to Lizzie Kumm for being awarded the First President’s Award for Rebel!

Student Parliament

I’ve really excited to announce that we had after months of work our First student Parliament. After having collected over 3,000 ideas from our students and following a vote from our members the 5 themes that our students have supported are the cost of living, mental health, accommodation, study space and my course. The Parliament then voted on those 5 ideas which will be the core of what the SU works on next year. Watch this space because it’s gonna freaking cool!

Exam Campaign

Exam Season is on us!! First of all best of luck to all for this month! You will all smash it and keep a look out for our SU Angels to get Fruits and energy around campus! If you haven’t seen them, give us a shout on social media and we will come and give you some!

We will have loads of events on (In Base, Sub Zero, on squares and around campus) so please have fun and if you have any query drop me a message on Facebook or at

Much Love your VP Services and Comms

And once again, thanks for reading


Tancrede Chartier

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