Officer Report

VP Southend

Trip to Bath

I organised a trip for students who stayed on campus during the spring break period. I first came up with 4 city options for students to choose from; and majority concluded on Bath city. We managed to get our mini bus full and students were very satisfied with the trip and came up with good feedbacks. Some even suggested that we should have an Amsterdam trip which I’m keen on leading.

SU React

A number of students (Nursing students) expressed concerns about the closing of the SU lounge during the spring break period. With the help of the SU staff we made decision to open the lounge during launch times. We gathered feedbacks from students which over 94% agreed that the opening of the Lounge had positively affected them.

One Essex Campaign

I helped out with our VP International to carry out a survey about inclusivity in Essex. It’s an ongoing survey which we will still carry out in order to understand any possible discriminations which students may experience on campus.

Student Idea (Book Fair)

The idea was about having a book fair where continuing students can sell their old books to first year students during freshers fair. I met with student and we came with a plan that, the SU will provide storage space for students to drop their books before they move out from accommodation, so there’s no need for them to take them home and bring them back for the Fresher’s fair in October. And the students selling the books will take money directly from the buyer, which means the SU will not be involved in the transactions.

Card Terminal Machine in the Lounge

As a result of feedbacks from students during various SSLC Meetings, face to face feedbacks, we have now secured our first card terminal machine in the SU lounge. This will be launching on the 26th of April.

Securing Temporary accommodation for Commuting Students

We have worked with the university accommodation team to secure temporary accommodation for commuting students for just £23.15 a night. The idea is to help these students when they can’t go home in the night as result of either attending SU event or studying overnight for their exams.

Restructuring SU Ambassadors

I worked with the SU President to restructure the SU Ambassador role. We came up with several positions and we intend to recruit ambassadors by the end of the term and also provide the necessary training they need.

Post Grad Meet up

I’m working with the post grad research officer to organise a post grad get-together on the 27th of April down here. Plans are underway and updates will be presented in the next report.

Southend SU Awards

I have been working with the SU Staff down here on this year awards. The date for the awards is on the 28th of April and the venue is Chameleon night club. We have secured an after party in club as well.


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