Officer Report

VP Southend

Black History Month

I have started planning black history month with the president and we are using the Colchester one as a template and also get student input to get it done. The update of the activities will be provided in the next report.

Presenting our Year Plan to the University

The Sabb team, including myself had the opportunity to present our year plans to the Vice chancellor and the university team on the 3rd of August. Through networking we were able to contact with the relevant people within the university who will help us in delivering our manifesto plans for the year.

Part-time job planning

I have had series of meetings with our employability coordinator to plan part-time job fair for students in October. This idea was totally based on student feedbacks from last year. First time this is happening here and we are excited to get our students part-time jobs alongside their study here. Some companies have confirmed and others are still in the process. Keep the date (11th October) in your calendar and make sure not to miss it.

Arrival of Pre-sessional students

We had the final batch of our pre-sessional students arrived on the 17th of August.  I had the opportunity to welcome the students and also presenting the core aims of the student union to them.

Society Restructure

I am currently working with the VP Activities and society coordinators of the SU to restructure the entire society guild. We plan to come out with new constitution early this month and hopefully get it running in the beginning of the new term.

Trustee Training

As elected officer, part of our role is to be a member of the board of trustees of the student union. And since few of the Sabb team have no knowledge of being a Trustee, the student union organised two day training for all of us in order to equip us for the position.

Providing support for East 15 students in the Edinburgh Fringe festival

I had the opportunity to travel to Edinburgh with the SU President to go support out East 15 students who are performing in the Edinburgh fringe festival. We helped students by promoting their shows to people on the streets as well as social media. The students appreciated our effort and encouraged as to do more for them next year which we have considered.


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