Officer Report

VP Southend

Fresher’s week

As many of you may recall or probably not because you enjoyed yourself too much, freshers week has been gone which was really good as I could remember from your feedbacks. It was really nice meeting many of you. I must say I enjoyed hanging out with you guys and can’t wait to do amazing stuff with you guys in this year.

Our International and post Grad mixer session was really good as well. I believe we all had the chance to learn from each other as well.

We also had good feedbacks from you guys which we have considered for next year’s freshers week. Here are some images from some of some of the events.   

Welcome talks (Departmental Talks)

I’m quite sure many of you may be tired of my face during your induction week; however, it was amazing talking to almost all of you. It has really paved way for many students to come have a chat with me whenever they are in need. I also had the opportunity to discuss what the SU offer to students and I hope you have not forgotten though. Don’t forget to come by the office or email me whenever you want to change something in the University.

Course Rep Recruitment

I guess most of you have seen me in your individual classes preaching on how to become a course rep. I’m glad most of you signed up and with your help we’ve smashed our target. What’s next is to go out there and make a change within your course and don’t forget to stand up for your fellow students.

Part-Time Job Fair

As I can recall from last year, many of you guys did suggested that you will love to have part time jobs in the local area whiles studying. And in collaboration with Aideen from the employability centre, we made it happen for you this year. I particularly loved how many students embraced this fair. We will therefore review it and then come out with necessary plans to move it forward. All I can say is watch out for more…  

Black History Month

October is our Black History month and it’s aside by our team to celebrate black culture and history. You guys made this year celebration a wonderful one with almost 80 people attending the culture Slam event as well as the debate. Our next two events are not far away and we hope to see all of you.   

SU Lounge committee Update

The lounge committee had its first meeting this year and I am pleased to announce that the committee has grown to about 100% membership. We have a representative from all the departments which was the main goal in setting up the committee. Members proposed good ideas and we can’t wait to set he ball rolling in the weeks ahead.

SU Ambassador Project Update

Have you guys noticed some guys on campus with Red hoodies with their names written on it? If not say hi to them whenever you meet them, I promise they don’t bite. They are SU ambassadors and their job is to plan events on campus. Do not hesitate to talk to them about any idea you want propose with regards to events. They have some events planned for the term so watch out.

Course Rep Speed friending Session

This was the first time such event has ever happened here and you guys mad it very successful. So many of you had the opportunity to interact with fellow students from different courses. We hope to make this frequent as possible in order to break the silo operations within the campus.



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