Officer Report

VP Southend

Careers Fair

As already stressed in my manifesto, my main aim is to help students get employed as soon as they graduate from Uni. And therefore, I made it a priority to promote the careers fair in Colchester to the students. We had 2 buses full of students to attend the event which has never happened before. We hoped you guys enjoyed the event and we have also considered your feedbacks especially for the international students who want a tailored version of careers fair.

House of Commons Debate

I had the privilege of accompanying the Vice chancellor to witness a debate presented by the Member of Parliament for Harwich and North Essex, Bernard Jenkin about the successes of the University. This was a new experience for me as well as the other students who joined in. We also had the privilege to meet the Speaker of parliament, John Bercow who happens to be the chancellor of the university. He welcomed the students and gave us brief insights to what goes in the House of Commons.


Vice Chancellor’s Visit

As you guys realised from the previous week, we had a long table of students which included me and the Vice chancellor in the SU lounge. The Vice chancellor included the SU Lounge as part of his visit to the Southend campus. The students welcomed him and had the chance to ask him questions which he made notice of all them. He liked the SU lounge and recommended that the common room in the university square needs the same kind of environment.


I represented the students union on SSLC’s when our engagement coordinator wasn’t available due to his working hours; and if the course reps would remember I have been in almost all SSLC’S across the campus this year. The aim to make sure students voice is being heard across departments. I have had positive feedbacks from students which the students union will be working to improve the student experience on campus.

Global Entrepreneurship week (DRAGONS DEN)

As part of our Global Entrepreneurship week, we organised a Dragons Den event of which the winner takes home £300 cash prize and £100 cash prize for the second week. We had about 17 teams compete for the prizes and you guys made the event successful. Our judges were thrilled with your presentations and we are considering to host another one in the next term.


SU Lounge committee Open Mic Night

the committee members voted unanimously to have an open night on the 24th November and as a chair I had to ensure it does happen. I realized that many of you enjoyed yourself from the brilliant performances

from your fellow students during the night. We are not stopping there; we will be following up with clash of departments and then end the term with our Karaoke and party night.

Advice support Students

I had to step in for our SU Advice to represent one of our students who had a case down here. I made sure to support the student and everything went well.



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