Officer Report

VP Southend


I would like to take this opportunity to wish anyone celebrating a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!!! Wish you and your loved ones much happiness this festive season. Can’t wait to see you guys in 2018! Enjoy your break.


SU Ambassadors Clash of Departments

I hope those of you who came enjoyed this year’s Clash of departments and for those of you who couldn’t make it we had a videographer to record bits of it and currently displayed on our Facebook page. Essex Business School emerged as winners this year whiles East 15 became 2nd and Health and Social Care on 3rd position. The feedback we had suggested was that many of you were not happy with the timing and we intend to make sure to schedule it in the appropriate time next year.

Kindly use this links below for the pictures and video on our Facebook page

Winter Warmer

We collaborated with Red Theatre company form East 15 to host a Christmas winter warmer in the SU Lounge. As we said, the Lounge is owned by you and it’s your personal space, so feel free to come to us if you want to do something in there and we can support you to execute it. Feel free to email me with your ideas and we can make stuff happen together.

SU Ambassadors Karaoke Party Night

This was our first Karaoke night proposed by our SU Ambassadors and hosted in the SU Lounge. We didn’t have as many students as we wanted due to the fact that most of our East 15 students had left for holidays; however we saw that there was a massive interest from the other students and therefore we will run it alongside our Open Mic nights in the coming term.

Kindly use this link in case you want to know how it went.

Swansea Union Visit

I recently had a visit to Swansea students union to share and learn some good practices. I learned a lot about how they utilise their venues as well as mental health campaign which I hope to make something along the same line in the months ahead.

HSC Christmas Social

There has been some tremendous improvement in engagement with our HSC students this year and this happened as result of the good work done by myself, the SU staffs, the nursing society and the course reps. We had a successful Christmas event in collaboration with Nursing society. The society also raised money for the Southend Minds Charity and I finished off by announcing the best dressed person. Watch out for International Nurses Day in a couple of months ahead.

VC Christmas Lunch

I attended this year’s Christmas Lunch with couple of students who stayed back during the Christmas Break. We joined up with Loughton for the occasion. This provided an opportunity for students from both campuses to meet up and socialise a bit before arriving in Colchester. Feedback was good and we hope you guys could join us if you around during winter break.



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