Officer Report

VP Student activities


Final promotions and advertisement to get members of sports interested in tour. I’ve also been raising awareness of the deposit deadline up until the 30th November.

Be There or Be Square

Square’s event with the main purpose of creating a nice social atmosphere at the end of a long week. Takes place every Friday 7pm-9:30pm but we are looking to carry it on till later following up from feedback on the launch.

Student Idea: Society room bookings

As a result of a meeting with CTO it is now in the works that society room bookings flexibility will, in future, expand to possibly Wednesday afternoons and also outside undergrad term-time. Booking before 6pm term-time are being looked into but must be kept reserved for academic purposes.

Student idea: Time Banking

Meeting about time banking student idea led to the idea of SU Connekt which would be more of a social skill swap opportunity on a 1to 1 basis as a chance for people to also make new friends whilst learning a particular skill/helping someone out. Still in the works but on hold until urgent priorities are dealt with.


RAG week took place from the 21st – 25th Nov with a variety of events and activities such as RAG wars, a Buskathon, President Face-off,  a Danceathon, food donations, Penny wars and many more. Some of the money raised is still currently being brought in and counted.

New societies

With the input of all the Societies Guild committee and the members we have had a number of new societies including DIY, Spanish, Spanish speaking, Saudi, Mini-golf, Sri Lankan and Travel.

Free sport campaign

Over the course of this term, myself and a couple of SU staff associates, have been sitting in on a sports business planning group to discuss the sport model for next year. Due to a number of circumstances it seems the reintroduction of fees for students to participate in sports is highly likely however our stand, as an SU, are strongly against charging students for sport. Myself, the sports department and my blades exec have all been surveying and going around to members and clubs to get their views on sport as it exists in Essex and how it would potentially affect them if such changes were to occur. Using this info and further research we are writing a paper to oppose the model proposal for next academic year with hopes to keep sport free and also to keep the Just Play programme running as external funding ends end of 2016/17.



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