Officer Report

VP Student activities

Arrivals and Welcome talks

Worked arrivals Sunday talking to arriving students and helped around in various areas. Heading up the sabbatical team with regards to the music/DJ slots for each of us throughout the evening.

Prepared and presented 4 welcome talks to different departments to introduce 1st year students to the SU and what we have to offer.

Sports Board

First Sports board of the academic year and there were no concerning outcomes which affect Colchester, Southend or Loughton. Too soon to update the board properly on how any of the changes within sport have been taken. To aid communication on sport between the campuses better (which was lacking last year) I have set up a new meeting which has a prep and report function to the sports board so that the other smaller campuses are involved. A student and staff rep from each campus is included in this meeting (Sports Board Update Group).

Club/Soc Volunteering

With the new standards criteria (involves creating a Volunteering profile and logging hours) V-Team have reported that the amount of people on record tracking their hours has increased as a result. In the process of setting up a Volunteering and Fundraising GM for execs to discuss and develop those areas (particularly within sports).

RAG Week 1

After moving it to the 6th Nov – 10th Nov and contacting more clubs/societies we have planned out most of the week:

  • Opening Ceremony 6th Nov 12pm – 2pm
  • RAG wars 6th Nov – 10th Nov 11pm – 4pm
  • RAG quiz 7th Nov
  • University Maze Challenge 8th Nov 2pm – 5pm
  • RAG bingo 9th Nov
  • Sports Vs Socs Face-off 10th Nov 5pm – 7:30pm
  • BTOBS: RAG edition 10th Nov 8pm – 10pm

Also we will be doing penny wars internally within the SU.

Fresher’s Fair

Helping out both sport and societies with set up and set down. Also, I worked during the day speaking to students and assisting some clubs with recruitment and stalls.

Change week/Hackathon

Worked a shift during change week encouraging students to suggest ideas/things for improvement as well as praising areas of the SU that do well. In particular I encouraged students to write things about the gym and its membership as many have expressed that it’s too expensive and that there are not enough ways to pay for it.

During my Hackathon shift I stuck with the group working on “more affordable things on campus” of which the gym issue came under. Using my experience with the sports centre and my knowledge on the topic I helped direct the team to look at potential solutions as to how a monthly membership option may be possible. Being realistic the university sports centre would not allow a cheap monthly membership as memberships are their main source of income. What could be possible is a 12 month gym contract which is implemented more for the purpose of being manageable as opposed to cheaper. As I was working I did not control the teams ideas and presentation, I directed and advised them as they were at one point going to drop the gym issue completely so I stepped in.

Varisty Day

Before we plan anything for society Varisty day we need to decide what would work well as a competitive activity so I have asked my society convenors to set up convene meetings to brainstorm some potential convene activity ideas to present to me for approval.

Sports Budget: Communication

There was some confusion around how much money we had as an SU for sports and how much money the university were giving us. During our Sports GM and via emails we explained the changes within the SU sports budget that being that the university have given us more of their money however overall we have less because we no longer have the Sports England Fund. As a result we’ve had to prioritise and review the different areas of SU related sport provisions (BUCS, Clubs and Just Play).



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