Officer Report

VP Student activities

Club/Soc Volunteering

With the new standards criteria (involves creating a Volunteering profile and logging hours) V-Team have reported that the amount of people on record tracking their hours has increased as a result. In the process of setting up a Volunteering and Fundraising GM for execs to discuss and develop those areas (particularly within sports).

RAG Week 1

After moving it to the 6th Nov – 10th Nov the following events took place alongside individual society/sports activity:

  • Opening Ceremony 6th Nov 12pm – 2pm
  • RAG wars 6th Nov – 10th Nov 11pm – 4pm
  • RAG quiz 7th Nov
  • University Maze Challenge 8th Nov 2pm – 5pm
  • RAG bingo 9th Nov
  • Sports Vs Socs Face-off 10th Nov 5pm – 7:30pm
  • Penny ways (All week)

Total still being counted.

Varsity Day

Setting up convenes meetings to allow brainstorming sessions to propose convene activities for Varsity Day.

Sports: Constitution

After identifying the Blades Constitution as “Out of Date” I have looked over parts of it to make amendments for the future. This month I have amended the parts around how the blades meet and work to make it more efficient/consistent and appropriate to the amount of work that needs to be done week in week out. Also amended the section which allows us to make amendments to the constitution as it previously stated amendments need to be passed via Union Council however that no longer exists.


Have addressed a number of serious complaints in relation to clubs and so I’m in process of helping clubs come to solutions as well as coming up with developments that can prevent similar cases occurring.

Society Developments
  • Marketing and engagement for societies has always been an issue (to the extent it’s not at the levels we want) and the soc guild committee have been discussing this issue. The Societies “What’s On” page is not used/seen frequently enough and social media posts (especially on the fresher’s page etc.) are lost amongst all the other posts. From experience and successful societies the most affecting form of engaging members/non-members to events is through person to person contact and word of mouth. Also, many do not utilise each of the different marketing methods in the best way so marketing are now in process of pulling together a “Guide to marketing” which would be an easily accessible file to support them in this sense. If the desire is high enough we are looking to run a few sessions to cover the info in more depth, much like a training session.
  • Proposing the start of what’s currently to be called “The Society Hub” weekly starting next term every week Monday 12-1pm. The concept for this is a front facing presence for the Societies guild to allow societies to reach students and market their activity. Also, this is with the goal of engaging non-members to the guild and removing the idea that you can’t join societies after the first few weeks of term. This is being tested during the Winter Fayre and will be run by the Soc Guild committee.
Derby Day

Our own sports staff (both SU and University) met with our UEA counterparts to discuss the future of Derby day both long-term and short. Current agreements are as followed:

  • Programme to be reduced down to first teams only and to create more emphasis around the showcase/supportive side of sport.
  • Scoring to be changed to 1 point per sport meaning if a sport has men’s and women’s separate then the point is split.
  • More resources to be put into security for health and safety.
  • Neutral umpires and refs to be used (possibly from ARU)
  • Joint social media and joint website for derby day.

I and my committee would like to look towards some form of campaign to cause a cultural shift to tackle the animosity of the supporters during Derby Day. This would cover tackling all forms of discrimination and general misconduct and would preferably be a collaborative campaign between us and UEA.

Society Events

Have actively supported and helped in a number of events from societies and other student groups including Alternative Music Soc’s promo, the Pro European Rally and the Trans Virgil.


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