Officer Report

VP Student activities

RAG: Footprint

The EGT talent show went ahead despite TAS not being able to present due to clash of event dates. Certain individuals stepped in to help in the last week before the event to present/host. The show had 2 guest performers from BGT and overall was a success although we encountered a major hiccup after the majority of volunteers did not turn up to help. The show raised £881.55 after any costs/fees. The next event is a quiz by Cricket on the 13th March. The university have also been able to confirm that £1 will be donated to Colchester and Tendring Women’s shelter for every NSS survey filled out.

Sports Feedback

In preparation for the Sports Board I’ve been continuing chasing up clubs for feedback find out how they have got on/coped with the changes to our overall club budgets.

Sports Board/budgets

With the date for the next board coming closer we have been asked to submit the budget proposals for 2018/19. Based off club feedback being predominantly negative in relation to the effects that cuts have had we are putting in a proposal to maintain the current budget level for next academic year. The BUCS cost is likely to be kept the same as the university prioritise this aspect of the budget for the representation value our BUCS position gains. We have also put the same (very similar) budget for Just Play as it has been established that as a programme it is at the lowest cost to function however, as a change to the programme offering very untraditional activities we have proposed to return the drop in sessions to free.


Re-launch of my squares event (Be There or Be Square) happening fortnightly starting from the 2nd week of term. Alternative night out for those who don’t like clubbing environments. Consists mainly of an open mic, performances and DJs. 1st one this term was a big success although had a slow start due to cold weather.

Student Idea: Instruments for All

To gain any support and funding (most probably from the university) I am to write a report on the benefits (or potential benefits) of learning a musical instrument during studying or in higher education. This will focus around things such as academic achievement, personal development, well-being and confidence. The survey to obtain this info is being conducted by the marketing intelligence manager and will have 3 strands reaching those who have learned a musical instrument and still do, those who have learned but not been able to pursue and then those who have not at all. Once the survey is ready, has gone out and the data analysed I will then be able to complete the paper for submission to Bryn along with a proposed model for a system that allows students to pursue a musical interest with low/no barrier. Deadline for this submission is last week of term.


Unfortunately, due to legal issues with the Catalonian Government, SportVest have had to cancel their Spain Tour package and move everyone over to their Croatia package. This for our members was a bad hit as the majority voted Spain prior to the academic year. Many have chosen the full refund option and so our numbers have dropped significantly but the Tour still going ahead. We invited he SportsVest director down and held an open forum to clear the air and enable members to question the situation and find out more.

Photo shoot Project

The week of 19th Feb the photo shoot project commenced and we saw a higher numbers of slots be filled this year. The change to Base was positive and the system we had worked better overall. Barcodes for some were not always available but this was mostly due to students not having membership. Points for improvement are:

  • Have a deal on prices for 4 photos (not just 2)
  • Have a limit on when you can enter exec roles into a photo group (e.g only an exec exclusive photo)
  • Make sure enough frames are ordered
  • Have a last day after the photo shoot week for final sales.


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