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VP Student activities

RAG: Footprint

Final Event, the fashion show, had been moved a number of times due to date clashes and difficulty finding a suitable venue with low costs associated with it. I have been sorting out the venue (now subzero), the tech and logistics behind the event whilst Juanita has been contacting models and potential fashion brands to be involved. I have now also taken up these responsibilities and been in contact with the contacts that Juanita had. The date for the show is the 4th June. The show will be focusing on female empowerment, female fashion and brands mainly from recent Essex Graduates, local brands to showcase their business, success, journey and clothing. Still in the process of securing more brands to showcase.

Soc Guild Investment & Training

I have thought about investing some of the societies guild funding into better audio equipment for our societies to be able to use in future. The current system we have is not sufficient for larger events (especially in the IC hall) meaning many societies have to spend monumental amounts on hiring tech externally whilst also covering the staff costs associated with setting it all up. By having our own equipment which is of the necessary quality societies should be able to book it free of charge saving them large amounts which could be better spent on their aims and objectives. IN hand with this we need to enable our society execs to be able to handle and set up the equipment where possible so myself, Pete Coxell and Harrison are in discussion about a tech training scheme for society execs so that they can have an allocated person (or group of people) to set up for their events further reducing costs to do with tech and set up. The application I submitted to the committee for a range of items was approved.

The End

As a representative of the SU I have been involved in The End Planning group. Although The End is NOT an SU event the SU do support the students/student groups running the event. In this case the MPS (Music Production Society) are taking the lead once again with the music side of things. I am supporting them by liaising with security to make sure their plans match with MPS’s plans whilst also dealing with the risk assessment side of things. I’ll also be planning and supporting the setup of the equipment for the activities happening on square 3 and 4. This year, based on feedback from last year, I have helped bring Live music to The End through involvement of some individual students who have connections to bands and record labels. The Music Soc, Funk Soc and Alternative Music Soc are also in the fold of things and considering getting involved to help diversify the largest student run event.


Towards the beginning of the month I hosted 2 separate award ceremonies within my role. Sports awards and society awards. Both events ran well and were a success thanks to all the hard work the teams put into organising and planning everything. I used the awards as part of my handover to give Frances, the incoming VP a taster of some of what her role will entail. This year for sports awards we changed the set of awards slightly and added a few little things including award jingles. For Society awards we brought together Societies and Rebel into one awards ceremony meaning I co-hosted with our VP Tanki. This year the Society and Rebel awards were a sit down meal as opposed to a smaller buffet.


I executed my final Be There or Be Squares event before exam period started. The event as a whole this term has been a large success, has helped the venues on their drink sales and it has gained a lot of praise and traction from students, I look forward to starting it again after term ends for those students who are still about. It will also be included in my handover to Frances.

Supporting Student DJs and Venues

Using my links to student/alumni DJs I have been involved with some of Venues events this term by finding DJs to perform at Base and SU bar.

Music for All

Early this month we finally launched our Music survey out to students to look into the interest and desire to pursue music alongside the benefits that brings. The focus of this survey is to find out how music helps support students wellbeing, personal development, sense of achievement and their academics. The results and data will then be included in a report which I will write and submit to the Student experience committee with the long-term goal being that we hope a music scheme will eventually be introduced and funded enabling students to pursue learning a musical instrument whilst at Essex.


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