Officer Report



This month has been a busy month as the awards season kicked off.  I am currently working on organising the sports awards which is less than a week away. Tickets for the evening are nearly sold, so it’s definitely going to be a great evening. We will include performances in this year’s awards evening and that has now been finalised. There are a few operational things left such has finding volunteers to help set up the evening, other than that everything else is looking good. Derby was a massive success, even though we lost by a small score. The set-up of the whole day and how it was run was great. Feedback has been great and we recruited a lot of volunteers to help for the day as well has enjoying it.  Giving out medals on the stage really brought a great atmosphere to the day. I loved running around, collecting scores and giving out medals on the stage so for me overall thought derby day was a success. On Friday we had our golden guild awards for societies to celebrate all their hard work and achievements throughout the year. I personally thought it went amazing, everyone felt that it was better with societies having their own awards evening. All the presenters and performances added something nice to the evening.  Alongside the president Adrian we will be restructuring the RAG committee and hopefully improving on how RAG is run by the Student Union. Apart from sports awards we have upcoming projects such as the Milan international tournament.

On Thursday 28th of April we will be taking our futsal club and tennis club to a prestige university tournament in Milan. The last couple weeks we have been preparing for it and using derby day as a practice. I am confident we can bring the cup back to Essex and will give you guy’s feedback on my next report. We also have our Essex blades committee elections opening next week so students can take up these rewarding roles next year. I will also been working with TAS to make this year’s Essex got Talent bigger and better. I am also currently working with the RAG committee on a charity event which will involve inviting charities down to the university that our students have been fundraising for the whole year. It will be a networking event and allow them to plan projects together for next year. Lastly I am planning to organise total wipe-out for a revision break for the students.






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