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This has been an action packed month for you all as we hurtled towards the dissertation submission deadlines and end of term assignments! The term has been super busy for me too J I have been working towards National Conference and a trip to Salou for a Welfare Representative on tour with our Essex Teams. I was away whilst the reports were due so am submitting mine slightly later than usual; I hope you will all accept my apology!

As always here is a run-down of what I have been working on and what I am working towards:

Nighbourhood Watch

I have been currently working with members of the local community and University to establish a good relationship which will help students to become a part of the local community they live in. We focused on the area of Greenstead where many students currently reside and there was special comment made that the community was thrilled with the Big Spring Clean which was run by Anya, Simina and the V-Team. Congratulations to everyone involved. We are currently working on an online version of Neighbourhood Watch to encourage students to become more involved. I will inform you of more information as and when I have it!


With other members of the Student’s Union and University I am currently looking at the role that faith plays within the university and how students at Essex interact with it. We are looking at making sure all faiths are provided for at Essex so that you can get involved with the faith community whatever faith you are. I am looking for comments and feedback from students so if any of you have comments on faith and how you manage to interact with it at University please share them with me! As always please could you email me on vpwelfare@essex.ac.uk

Easter Break

Although I could not help out with this event as much as I would have liked due to going away as a Welfare Rep on Tour, I helped to co-ordinate with our marketing team so that the website was up to date with the times our venues were open during the holiday. I also worked to make sure that students were aware of different activities happening over the break so that they could get engaged and involved whilst they were here over the break.

I Love Tour

I have recently travelled to Salou as a Welfare Representative to be on hand for any issues that may have arisen on Tour. I was thrilled with the way many of our students acted out in Salou and the welcome reception the team of Welfare Representatives received.

NUS National Conference 

I am currently gearing up to go on National Conference in a few weeks’ time. This is something that takes time because I am currently looking through all of the motions and the policies we as a Union have agreed we support. I plan to live tweet the conference from my twitter account @MsJessRich so follow the account for up to date news on what is going on in Brighton! I will also be running for National Block so follow my twitter to keep up on the action.

Night Ninjas

I am currently working with the Venues Team, Night Ninjas and Societies Guild to look at the operational side to how all of the different teams work together on nights out to make sure that we are working in the best way to help students.

Exam Campaign 

We are currently working on the Exam Campaign to make sure that we are ready to support you all through this tough time. We are on the way to leading a strong campaign so that we are all #inthistogether

Mood Up Monday and Cheer Up Tuesday

We are currently working towards extending the magic of Mood Up Monday to Loughton and Southend. This will be happening later on this month to make sure that students at all campus have had wellbeing and welfare advice, especially when the hard exam period is on the way!

Sexual Harrassment

I am currently working with the University and CARA to establish a group which looks at sexual harassment and the processes at our University. We are looking to establish better processes to ensure more support for students.

As we enter the exam period I would like to take the time to wish you all the very best of luck. Please make sure to watch your stress levels and take time to relax so that you are being the most productive you can. Remember that there is always a support service you can turn to whether that is to talk to me (vpwelfare@essex.ac.uk), Su Advice (suadvice@essex.ac.uk) or Wellbeing (wellbe@essex.ac.uk). Please remember that we are all here to help whatever you are struggling with.

Best of Luck and enjoy the rest of your Easter Break!



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