Officer Report

WOMEN'S Officer

Planning for Sexual Harassment on campus campaign 

Invited speaker Amber Amour from the United States to come to Essex for a workshop. Handed in a budget request, yet to be approved. 

Career Fair/ Sexism at work 

Got in touch with people on this issue, focusing especially on self defined women who work on campus to address sexism at universities and on a day-to-day basis. 

POI awareness 

Went to a conference in London on POI, Premature ovarian failure (POF), also known as premature ovarian insufficiency. This is a traumatic disease, which is rarely discussed and women of all age groups are affected. I talked to GP's about how to involve our university health clinic on this matter and how to raise more awareness about the effects of this topic. I talked to women suffering from POI and I got some interesting and important insights on the disease. Additionally, I got in contact with the only POI related organization in the UK in order to get flyers etc for students on campus. The next step is going to be to get in contact with NUS Women's group in order to extent the reach of this campaign.


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