Officer Report

WOMEN'S Officer

Student Network

The liberation officers of 2015/16 and 2016/17 proposed a student idea on Student Networks. Student Networks are a great opportunity for the liberations to be more intersectional and provide a platform for students wishing to get involved. For instance, Disabled and BAME will have a representative in every Women’s and Non-Binary Network meeting. The meetings will take place twice a month, and in October we will meet weekly. I will send out the specific dates as soon as possible. 

Social Media Presence

So far, my plan is to make students (especially Fresher’s) aware that we have liberation officers by promoting the Women’s Officer role through Facebook and Twitter. I will continue the existing Facebook Page and promote events related to women and sexism on campus and in town. I have worked on an inclusive social media marketing strategy, in order to reach out to all women studying and working at Essex. Through the use of new designs and slogans, I am hoping to represent all self-defined women. Thus, make women of all backgrounds feel invited to the Women’s and Non-Binary Network.

More work with FemSoc

FemSoc is the feminist society on campus, which have in previous years been very successful in raising awareness about the patriarchy and its effects. I met up with the Exec Team and had a wonderful meeting where we agreed to work together and have a sexual harassment awareness focus during the first months of the autumn term. I am very happy to be able to work with FemSoc, and invited them to join as Soc Reps in the Women’s and Non-Binary Network meetings. Together, we are planning Period Pride, which will take place in February.

Gym Layout Proposal

I also met with the Colchester campus gym as they are planning on changing to layout of their gym. I have reached out to women and asked them whether they feel uncomfortable at the gym and why they think this is the case. I got very interesting answers and shared these with Evolve Gym. They agreed to design the layout to be a more friendly and open space, so women feel more comfortable going there. I contacted the Gym marketing team about more inclusive pictures on posters, as I got feedback on this issue.


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