WOMEN'S Officer

Fresher’s Fortnight:
  • Loughton Campus Fresher’s Fair

I was at the Fresher’s Fair at East 15 and promoted the role as East15 President (which has been elected, history has been made!). Additionally, I am planning on having an event at Loughton for International Women’s Week and talked to the amazing students at East15. I am looking forward to be doing more work there.

  • Southend Campus Fresher’s Fair

Additionally, I also went to Southend to promote the Students’ Union at the Fresher’s Fair. Similar to East15, I think I will be having an event for international women’s week and I will be getting in touch with Ernest soon to plan the event.

  • Arrivals Day

I finally met all the new students at arrivals day and introduced the liberation network to many people. I spent the day talking to self-defined women and I’m hoping that a lot of them will now know a lot better how to get involved. I found that a lot of them also came to the women’s mixer, which was great.

  • Mixers (Disabled, International)

In addition to my own women’s mixer, I attended some of the other mixers during Fresher’s Fortnight. The liberation officers tried to show intersectionality as we used the mixers as a great platform to promote the Liberation Networks. We received a lot of positive feedback from the students who attended the mixers. I also tried to talk to students individually to find out what more I could be doing as the Women’s Officer to get more self-defined women involved and what exactly they would like to see on campus this year.

  • Colchester Fresher’s Fair

Fresher’s Fair was very busy this year and I used this to promote all the events I have planned for this year and also to invite people to come to the Liberation Network and Women’s Network. Students asked me many questions and I tried to answer all of them as well as I can. My goal is to get a regular attendance at my Network meetings, so as a collective we can make the most change on all three campuses.

  • Women’s Mixer

The women’s mixer was a great success as well. We put in a lot of planning into the mixer and it turned out great. A lot of great women showed up and started talking to each other, me and Taran (LGBT*) and Leshandra (BAME). We are hoping to host another mixer in November for those who would like to come again and those who have missed it in October!

  • Liberation Network

Our first network meeting was a liberation meeting, as we thought that it would be good to explain the background and aims of the networks together. We are an inclusive team this year and we would like to have the most intersectionality possible. Therefore, Taran, Leshandra and I introduced our own projects and how everyone can get involved in them. We used Facebook live to make sure people that could not attend the meeting would also be able to be a part of the networks. However, we did not film the audience as this is a part of our safe space policy. I am excited to be hosting the first Women’s Network soon and looking forward to all the great accomplishments we can make together.


  • 16 Days of Activism

This term, I will be launching a great campaign called 16 Days of Activism and it will be from the 25th of November (international day of the elimination of violence against women) to the 10th of December (human rights day). I will have events and other things on during this two week period, so make sure you watch out for any updates on and @uoewomen on Twitter.

  • Consent Campaign

Together with our VP International, BAME Officer and Feminist Society, I am working on a yearlong consent campaign. It is targeted at international students to raise awareness about what consent is and why we need it, in the most inclusive way possible.

  • Spiking

A lot of women have come to me concerned about the spiking happening on campus, and we are taking action. We are working on a solution right now, as we want you to feel and be save and enjoy your nights out!

  • Equality and Diversity Website

I have also had a lot of feedback from students asking where the harassment forms by the university are. Therefore, I got in touch with them and had a successful meeting. The forms will be made more accessible and easier to understand. I have put a link up on the Women’s Officer Facebook page and it will be up on the Women’s Community page on the SU website soon.

  • Women in STEM

After Fresher’s Week, I had a meeting with the employability department and together, we are starting to plan Women In STEM 2017. It is an event directed at women who study STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects as women are frequently underrepresented and face sexism in these fields. The event will be on a Wednesday during International Women’s Week.

  • Period Pride

Also in spring term will be Period Pride Week. This will raise awareness about the stigmas of the period in every way. It will include trans-period awareness and homeless period awareness. I am working closely with the LGBT* and friends society, feminist society and environmental society on this week.


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