Officer Report

WOMEN'S Officer

Working Class Officer

I have submitted a student idea a month ago to introduce a working class officer. The idea has not yet been submitted to vote for, however I already had meetings with some sabb members on how to implement the idea if it passes. Please make sure you follow my Facebook and Twitter page (@UoEWomen), or the Fresher’s Page, so you know when the idea will be uploaded for vote.

Diversity Day

I had a meeting with the liberation officers and VP Education on Diversity Day, which will be in February. On this Day (most likely to be a Saturday) we will have speakers coming in to speak about liberations and how it positively or negatively affected their career and personal life. We will post more information on it soon, make sure you don’t miss this!

Women’s Mixer

I also held another mixer in the Hex, which is a safe space and a non-alcoholic venue. We had a great discussion about many different things and I’m hoping of being able to host more great relaxing events in the Hex with the SU Women’s Network next term.

Staff Women’s Network

I was invited to the Staff Women’s Annual Network and it was fantastic to meet great women who work here at this university. We had a great discussion about biases and how to overcome these. I am hoping to working closer with the university’s women’s network this year and hosting an event together for International Women’s Week.

Interview with film student for documentary

One of the members of the student body has asked me to be interviewed for an amazing documentary project – we spend an hour talking about how the university could improve to overcome the rape culture on campuses. I am looking forward to seeing the finished documentary and sharing it with the Women’s Network.

Planning for International Women’s Week

I have started to plan international women’s week and I would like to give students the opportunity to tell me what and who they would like to see in this week in March. I will be sharing more information on social media soon and hanging up posters with more information on it as well. If you have any ideas (with your society, sports team or on your own) already, please email me!


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