Officer Report

WOMEN'S Officer

Women’s March

I organized two minibuses so that 30 of our Essex students had the opportunity to go to the Women’s March on London for free. Many more came via train and we had a great experience.

Period Pride

I am currently in the process of organizing Period Pride (13th – 17th of February) and it will be a great campaign. On the Monday, we will have an event with the Environmental Society on eco-friendly periods (selling Mooncups), on Tuesday we will host an event with the Feminist Society, there will be a fundraiser on Wednesday, on Thursday we will have another fundraiser during the LGBT* Pub quiz and on the Friday there will be a panel discussion with many guest speakers!

International Women’s Week

I am also planning women’s week which will be a lot of fun! I received some emails of people who would like to participate and if you would like to join us, send me an email!

Meeting with Nightline

I received information about the prices of pregnancy tests at Nightline and after a great conversation, pregnancy tests will be for free.


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