Officer report

WOMEN'S Officer

International Women’s Week 2017!

This celebration was a great success, as we managed to raise awareness about issues surrounding gender equality. On a run-up to women’s week, the Feminist Society gender paygap fundraiser raised awareness (even made it into national news!) about the unfairness of the paygap and that it is very important to change this. Next to this, there were several events (like JustPlay, Quiz by the Feminist Society and TAS, and Ignite with female only artists). Most importantly, we managed to raise money for women’s charities at RIOT! – an amazing gig with lots of fabulous musicians hosted by AltMusic, PunkSoc and the Feminist Society. Also, we had a fundraiser that raised around £150 for the Young Women’s Trust, with the help of the Nordic Society, Feminist Society, and Harry Potter Society.

SU Advise

I had many emails concerned about SU advise, and I took them up and spoke to them directly. If you would like to say anything that concerns you about SU advise, in particular sexual harassment conducts, please email me under


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