Officer Report

WOMEN'S Officer

One-To-One with Zoe

This meeting was for me to have some guidance from Zoe for my plans this academic year. We discussed ways in which I can manage this through time-keeping and planning. I was given key members to contact within the SU to start the preparations for the events.

Women’s Network Meeting Planning

I have been creating an agenda for the meeting with my network which will be taking place mid-September to discuss plans and how we will execute this as a team by allocating each member with a set of tasks.

Planning for Events in Colchester and Southend

Currently contacting and searching female motivational speakers and female alumni of Essex for the Women’s empowerment events.

Women’s Student Network Page

I have been working on what the female students network page will look like to be ready for the next academic year. I aim to be inclusive of all female students and give them the opportunity to use this page easily. I will be providing useful links and contact details to students who may require any help.


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