We want to make sure that if you are having to self isolate you can still have access to essential groceries, so we are launching “Shop and Drop”.

The premise is simple – select a basket, fill in your details when prompted and we’ll drop the groceries to you the following day between 12-4pm.

Things to note:

  • Please note this service is on campus only and is for Students Self Isolating – we want to be able to offer this service to as many people as possible so if you aren’t self isolating please don’t use this service to avoid having to come down to the Store.
  • We will do our best to provide the items listed but may have to make substitutions, refunds cant be processed on any items you don’t want – sorry. This is an emergency service to help those that really need it
  • We will initially be capping deliveries during the initial roll out to make sure we can deliver the service, if demand rises we can see if we can scale up

Click on each basket below to view their contents.