For 2019/2020, society standards have changed a little to allow societies to shape their experience and pursue the activities that their members will love to give them a kickass experience.

You should apply for the badges you have completed by the end of the calendar month that you have done the activity. For example, a welcome event in the first couple of weeks in October must be submitted by the 31st October and our team will aim to have everything uploaded by the 30th November. Please be aware, we will endeavour to meet this deadline that we've set ourselves but sometimes we get hundreds of badges that we need to process.

We will inform you as and when your society is granted badges, and a new page will be live soon so that you can track your progress.

If you not have completed the black badges by the end of the second term, you will not be awarded any standard. 


There are 5 types of badges; black, yellow, bronze, silver and gold.  

Black badges are compulsory and every society must achieve these to be officially awarded a standard at the end of the year.

Yellow badges aren’t compulsory but can only be awarded once in an academic year and each badge is worth 200 points.

Bronze badges are worth 50 points but can be upgraded to Silver (100 points) and even Gold (200 points) if you reach the next set of criteria for the badge. We will use the final colour badge to calculate how many points to put towards your standard (for example if you reached a silver badge in fundraising you would get 100 points, not 150 (50 bronze, 100 silver).


To achieve each standard you need to have the following points:

Bronze standard = 1000 points, Silver Standard = 1750 points, Gold Standard = 2500 points - a maximum of 3000 points can be achieved.

You cannot submit an event for a badge if that event has not already happened yet, as if the event is cancelled you will not have met the requirements for the badge.



These must be completed to get any standard.

Training - You must have attended all the annual compulsory training sessions. These are 'core training', 'finance training' and 'welfare training'. If you are a new society that sets up after this time then you must attend a meeting with a member of the societies department to go over the information, or complete the online Typeform quiz (available soon) to show your understanding of each training session. 

Exec Volunteering Badge - All execs of your society to create their vTeam volunteering profile and log 10 hours of normal exec work (exec meetings, event planning). 


Yellow badges are worth 200 points each.

Social Media Badge – Demonstrate that your society has an active and engaging social media account. Your social media accounts must be active for the current academic year. Links to your social media accounts are required as evidence for this badge.

Rebel Badge - Collaborate with Rebel. This can be writing an article; hosting a radio show; create video content; host an event together or a minimum of 3 execs attend a Rebel workshop.

RAG Badge - Earn this badge by participating and raising money for charity during RAG week.

University Badge - Earn this badge by participating in any University-led events, such as one of their open days.

Students' Union Badge - Earn this badge by participating in Students’ Union led events, such as the Winter Market in December.


Bronze, Silver & GolD

Bronze = 50 points, SIlver = 100 points, Gold = 200 points

Fundraising Badge 

Fundraising for your society and for charity will both count towards this total, as will funds raised through sponsorship or secured from the Click Funding. Your membership income does not count for this badge. 

Bronze - £125

Silver -  £250

Gold - £500


Volunteering Badge

Volunteering with your society can be via the vTeam or through opportunities your society has organised itself. For the opportunity to count towards your standards you will need to have at least 5 members attend. As evidence of this, you must either take a register or a photo of at least 5 members creating/attending the opportunity. In addition this must be logged on the grad intel website. 

Bronze – 2 opportunities

Silver – 4 opportunities

Gold – 6 opportunities

Executive Badge

Provide evidence that your executive committee have held 2, 4 or 6 committee meetings per term by uploading minutes to your webpage, under the 'Documents' tab. To evidence this in your badge application:

  1. ?Name all uploaded files "Meeting Minutes [date of the meeting]" 
  2. Include the dates of your meetings in the badge application
  3. If you have set the documents to members-only view, please upload a screenshot of your Documents page to your badge application evidence (if they're public, we'll check them)

Bronze –  2 per term (4 total)

Silver – 4 per term (8 total)

Gold – 6 per term (12 total)


Collaboration Badge 

To achieve this badge you will need to demonstrate you have collaborated with another society on a campaign, event or project. Collaborations will need to be with different societies on each occasion. You must collaborate with another Essex society - other groups or societies from outside the University of Essex do not count.

Bronze – 1 collaboration

Silver – 2 collaboration

Gold – 3 collaboration


Event Badge

Your society must host the following amount of events for your members and they must fall under the specified amount of different categories: academic/educational, trips/off campus activities, socials, other. These events must be primarily organised for your members - events that are open to everyone must be applied for the Engagement badge. Please include the dates that these events happened within your application. 

For example: If you're the Theatre Arts Society and you hold a workshop for your members, this would be classed as an event and only members should be attending. If you put on a show, this would be classed as an engagement activity as you're inviting people from outside your society to see what you do. 

You can only apply for the same category a maximum of 3 times.

Categories: Socials (on & off campus), Workshops, Performances (including rehearsals), Fundraising Events, Religious (e.g. prayers), Educational (career-based/enhancing), Academic (course-related), General (e.g. concert, board games, arts & crafts, movie screening).

Bronze – 4 events across at least 2 categories

Silver – 8 events across at least 3 categories

Gold – 12 events across at least 4 categories



To achieve this badge your society will need to host events that aim to engage non-members with your society. This can include come and try events, performances and workshops etc.These are events that are open to everyone and so are mutually exclusive with the Events badge.

For example: If you're the French Connection society and are holding weekly French lessons for your members, this would as events. If you held a food tasting event where you invited members of the University community to come and find out about French Cuisine, this would be classified as a Engagement event as you're trying to engage people from outside your society with French culture. 

Bronze – 1 event

Silver – 2 events

Gold – 3 events


Amazing degree Badge 

Demonstrate how your society has helped its members get an amazing degree. This may include: organising trips to compliment degree content, hosting revision sessions, organising a mentor project between years, organising a book fair, inviting an external speaker that will assist members with course content, organising activities to de-stress members during exams. If you are holding a de-stress session, you must provide evidence that you have advertised it to your members as such (rather than just a social). Events for the Amazing Degree badge must either compliment specific course content or be general enough to apply to all degrees (such as essay-writing skills).

Bronze – 1 activity

Silver – 2 activities

Gold – 3 activities



Demonstrate how your society has helped its members prepare for life post-graduation so they can get an amazing job. This may include: organising a recruitment fair, organising network events with employers, holding workshops with professionals to develop members skills, encouraging members to attend CV workshops. Events for this badge must be geared towards getting a great job, not to improving your degree skills.

Bronze – 1 activity

Silver – 2 activities

Gold – 3 activities


Liberation Badge 

Demonstrate how your society has actively engaged with students from one or more of the liberation groups (LGBT+, BAME, Students' with disabilities, Women). It's not enough to say that your events and activities were accessible to all. 

Only the following will be accepted

- Contact one of the following to discuss a plan to ensure your society is more accessible to different liberation groups: Black Students Officer, Asian Students Officer, Students with Disabilities Officer, LGBQ+ Officer, Trans Officer or Women's Officer.

Following this, you will need to have agreed ways that your society will be more inclusive and agreed an event or activity that you can run that represents these communities. Please be advised that the officer will not just create idea for you, so please think of ideas in advance and discuss with the officer the suitability. 

The group that you’re engaging with can’t fit within the aims and objectives of your society, so for example, the LGBT society would not be able to apply for events catering to LGBT+ students, only BAME, Students with disabilities or students that define as Women.

Bronze – 1 activity

Silver – 2 activities

Gold – 3 activities


Student Groups Badge 

Demonstrate how your society has actively engaged with students from the following student networks; mature students, commuting students, student parents, postgraduate students. This would unlikely be a specific event or activity specifically to engage with this group but rather action taken to make your society more accessible to these students.

Examples of what you can do are: Run events during the Summer for postgrad students that may still be on campus. Make members feel comfortable to bring their children with them to child friendly events. Finding out which members are commuting to campus and whether there is a time you can hold activities during the day so that they can attend. 

The only evidence that will be accepted for this is a testimonial/testimonials from students from these groups explaining how you have made them feel included. 

Bronze – 1 activity

Silver – 2 activities

Gold – 3 activities


How do I apply for badges?

To apply for badges you just have to complete a simple form and we'll add it onto your stats page - the deadline to apply for all badges is Sunday 22nd March at 23:59 - any applications made after this deadline will not be accepted. 

Click this badge!


Frequently asked questions

Q - Can you apply for more than one badge for the same event/opportunity?

A - Yes, you can - why not be smart about it?! You will need to submit an application for each badge you are applying for though!


Q - Do I need to upload evidence for everything?

A - Yes, every application needs evidence submitted alongside it. For example, if you attended a Rebel workshop then you might want to ask the session leader to email to confirm your attendance, or if you held a debating workshop, you could take a picture of the event happening and upload it as part of the application form.


Q - What times apply to any applications that I make?

A - The 3rd time from the previous academic year, the summer inbetween, and then the 1st & 2nd terms of the current academic year, as well as the winter break in between those too.


Q - When is the deadline to apply for badges?

A - Sunday 22nd March 2020 at 23:59 - this is to allow time for any events that may happen on Friday 20th March - the last day of the Spring term.