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The University of Essex Feminist Society strives to change the negative perspective that many hold on feminism. We aim to raise awareness about inequality both around the world and locally.

We are a very active society and host many events and campaigns aimed at promoting equality, diversity and intersectionality. We also raise money and collect donations for local, national and international women's charities and focus on combatting issues that exist at our campus. 

Everybody is welcome and we aim to create a safe, inclusive and respectful space for our members.

Come and join us for book clubs, socials, discussion, guest speakers and invite your friends!



- Weekly meetings are on Tuesdays (6pm - 8pm) in LTB7  - 

Check out our Instagram for updates about any meetings/events!





The world can be a scary place and we want FemSoc to act as a safe haven for anyone and everyone who needs it.

We're all about sisterhood here. We aim to provide a safe and inclusive space for people regardless of race, sexuality, gender identity, or disability to talk about the issues that matter to them.

Overall, we just want you to know that you're safe here where like-minded people care about you.


Work as a society to promote awareness of women's issues and gender equality on campus

Work and fundraise with local charities and organisations that relate to feminist causes.

Regular meetings, socials and gatherings for our members. 

Be as inclusive, positive, intersectional and as progressive as possible







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