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The Italian society is a cultural society. We want to share and show you as much as possible our culture, language, tradition, and history. We welcome to our society everyone: you don't need to be Italian to hang out with the Italians!

We are also here to help any Italian student who is facing any sort of issue with their university experience (siamo qui per te!) We offer unpartial help, advice and support to anyone who's in need! Please refere to Blessing our Welfare officer or Elena our President if you need any sort of assistance. 

Our society will organize music evets alone and joined with other societies, fundraising, history classes, football tournaments, bbq's, big dinners and much more. If you want to help us organising event or you want to share your ideas with us, get in contact and let's work together to make your experience at Essex great and just like CASA!

We can wait to see you joining our family! :)



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Italian election 2024

This election is to appoint the executive committee members for the next academic year. Winning candidates are expected to take on their duties from 1st August 2021, unless the incumbent and newly elected execs both agree they will take the role earlier.

2 posts are up for election.

Nominations are now closed.

The polls are open and will close at 10:00 on Wednesday 28 February 2024 (in 43 hours)