Looking for food fuel or a social space to meet friends? We’re here for you. We have everything from lunch on the go, coffees, and finally, a nice branded hoodie.


The SU Lounge is the place to go if you need some food fuel. We've got a great selection of sandwiches, wraps, hot food, snacks and drinks to go all at student-friendly prices. You can find the SU Lounge next to the Gateway Building (Studio K).

The SU Lounge is open Mon - Fri 10am-3pm every week! Look out for our specials.


The Mezz is a social space that is open even after the SU Lounge closes. We’ve got sofas, chairs, microwaves and table tennis. You can find The Mezz on the first floor of the SU Lounge. You can access The Mezz after the SU Lounge closes via the second floor of the Gateway Building.

The Mezz is open all day. If you would like to book the space please ask a member of the SU Team to help you.