Essex SU is run for students, by students. Eeach year in February, students put themselves forward to run for a full-time, paid position in the Student Leadership Team (a Sabbatical Officer). They campaign for votes, with you choosing who you want to be elected into each of the 7 positions. There is also a part time paid position avaialable in Loughtin , the Loughton E15 President. This is the SU Leadership Election.

Do you think you fancy a job where no day is the same? You could be planning major cultual events, appearing on TV to talk about a campaign or in regular meetings with senior university staff members. No one day in this job in the same. 


What is a LEADER?


A Sabbatical Officer is a current student who has been elected in by the student body to represent different student interests and communities. They take a year out of their studies (or have just graduated) to work full-time representing our students across all three campuses. They are also Trustees of the SU, and make sure that the SU remains financially and legally able to represent you to the best of its ability. Any current student can apply for any of the roles:

  • SU President
  • VP Education
  • VP Welfare
  • VP International
  • VP Community & Engagement
  • VP Student Experience
  • VP Southend

Can I apply?


If you are a current student at the University of Essex, then yes you can apply for any of the roles.


  • You will need to be prepared to do this job full-time – it is not a part time position
  • You will need to take a year out of your studies (unless you graduate this summer)
  • You will be elected by students and so be held to account by them  
  • You will be a trustee for a successful charity
  • You will receive various types of leadership training to support you in your role
  • You will be the public face of the Students’ Union
  • You will work with senior staff inside the university


  • You would need to be a current University of Essex Student at the time of nominating
  • You will need to read and sign the rules
  • You will need to read and sign the date protection document
  • You will need a photograph by the close of nominations
  • You will need to write a manifesto, following the rules
  • You will need to write a 30 word summary, by the close of nominations
  • You will need to view the candidate briefing
  • You will need to view the briefing



Becky Newbury

former VP services

"What's the worst that can happen? Stop taking yourself too seriously and if you want it then give it a go. The only thing you can be sure of is that you will never achieve the things you don't put yourself forward for."

Chantel Le Carpentier

former VP Welfare & Community (y1) and President (y2)

"Do it. Because you definitely won’t win if you don’t run. If I was to write an autobiography right now it would be called ‘5 votes’ because that’s what I won my first sabb election by – 5 votes. I wasn’t popular, I was only in my second year, I wasn’t in a sports team – I just believed in stuff and I was genuine."

Andrea Lungay

former VP Southend

"I have a passion for helping others and explored this whilst working as VP Southend. My role let me help students in finding their unique take on the arts industry and helping them to navigate the world of higher education."