Standards are an award given to sports clubs that demonstrate their commitment to not only their sport, but also the development of their club.

Clubs are rewarded for providing volunteering, fundraising and social opportunities for their members. 

There are 3 club standards; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each standard requires greater club commitment to achieve.

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what is the criteria for each standard?

Sports Clubs are required to meet the figures below in addition to required committee positions, committee meetings, volunteer logs and other essential criteria in order to achieve a standard.

Bronze - £200 Fundraising, 4 Social events, 2 Volunteering events

Silver - £500 Fundraising, 8 Social events, 4 Volunteering events

Gold - £800 Fundraising, 12 Social events, 5 Volunteering events

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how do we apply for club standards?

Complete the Club Standards form and email it to blades@essex.ac.uk before the deadline.

Club Standards will be presented at the annual Sports Awards.



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