We announced in December last year that we needed to sell 3,500 by the end of January 2020 in order for the ball to go ahead, and sadly, only 200 students bought tickets ahead of the deadline of 12 pm today. We had so many conversations which students over the past couple of months who fed back why they wouldn’t be buying a ticket and we get it, £60 is a lot, but sadly, that’s what it costs to run the ball if 3,500 people attend.

For a reminder of why we had to take this approach to try and save the Summer Ball, please see below.

So that’s it. There will be no Summer Ball 2020. We will, of course, look at how else we can celebrate the end of an amazing year with you all, but it’s just won’t be on the grand scale of a Summer Ball. We are genuinely gutted to see the end of such an iconic event and want to say a massive thank you to everyone who bought tickets, to those who have worked on it over the years and to everyone who showed their love and support for the ball.


Previous: Important info regarding the Summer Ball 2020. As it stands, we’re sad to say that next year’s Summer Ball is now at severe risk of not happening because of the substantial financial risks attached.

We know this is going to come as a shock to a lot of you, especially if, like us, you were looking forward to attending the Ball in 2020.

We’ve found a way that the Summer Ball 2020 could still be saved and be given a second chance, but only if enough of us are willing to support it... Read more



Unfortunately, due to continually rising costs on almost every aspect of putting on the event, our latest forecast shows next year’s Summer Ball making a loss of approx. £47,000. This follows last year’s Summer Ball which, despite strong ticket sales and bar and food takings, ended up making a loss of £25,132. As a registered charity, the Students’ Union simply cannot afford to make such substantial losses on a single event, losses that would jeopardise the sustainability of the SU as a whole and the crucial services and support we provide for our 16,000 members. So as a result, regretfully we have decided that we cannot go ahead with a Summer Ball in 2020 in the way we all expected. This is a situation that we’ve been working extremely hard to (successfully) avoid for a number of years, but now we have reached a point where we can no longer sustain the Ball in its current format. Having said that, this event is something that means so much to so many people that we’ve been exploring every option we can think of to fund the Ball differently.



By working with the Trustee Board of the Students’ Union we’ve agreed a timescale of two months to raise enough to run a Summer Ball in 2020, at a similar level to previous years.

The set-up is simple - if enough of us buy tickets by 31st January then the Ball will go ahead. If not, then everyone gets their money back and the Ball won’t happen. 

We haven’t put the price up on Summer Ball tickets since 2015 as we have tried to keep the price as low as possible. However for us to put the ball on this year we have had to look at an increase to £60 for Students (and alumni), and £70 for Guests.

We’ve had agreement from the amazing suppliers and companies that work with us on the Ball each year (most of whom would usually be booked in by Christmas) that they are prepared to hold space for us until 31st January to give us a chance to raise enough to run the Ball.

So… if enough of us feel passionately about there being a Summer Ball in June next year we now have a chance of saving it and having one last blow out for the academic year 2019/2020. 



This is a big challenge, but we believe we can do it! The Essex SU Summer Ball is one of the biggest, best events run at any university and if enough of us can come together to make it happen then we promise to throw all our energy into making the 2020 Ball the best ever.

That means a summer field filled with a giant marquee, tents covering different genres of music, live bands, DJs, free fairground rides, giant inflatables, a festival food court, a headphone disco, fire-breathers, stilt-walkers, a spectacular fireworks display, and bespoke bars for gin, cocktails and of course champagne.

Imagine enjoying all of this knowing that you were part of saving it. This is the opportunity for students that have never experienced the ball before to be a part of it, and for the rest of us to have a great send off at the end of the year.



If you want to see Summer Ball 2020 happen as much as we do then here’s what you can do….

First, if there is even the smallest part of you that wants to see Summer Ball 2020 happen then we need you to please sign up to the Summer Ball mailing list now!

It only takes a second to do - just click here - and you’ll be the first to hear what’s happening with the Ball AND will help us show just how much support there is for the Ball to happen.

Second, please share this post with as many people as possible either by tagging them below or hitting share. Help us reach everyone who cares about the Ball and could help save it - we’re definitely going to need their support.

Then comes the most important bit - booking YOUR place at the Ball and helping make sure it goes ahead…

We’ll be putting Summer Ball 2020 tickets on sale on Friday 29th November at 10am.

Student tickets will cost £60 and there will be two ways to pay, either in one go or across two installments of £30 each between now and January 31st. Alumni will be able to buy a ticket at the student price of £60 too. 

Guest tickets will also be available so start thinking about which friends, family and partners you want to have alongside you at an incredible end of year event. 

So that’s the situation. We’re sad and sorry that we can’t run the ball in the way we’d originally planned, but at least this way there’s a chance that it can happen and the fate of the 2020 Summer Ball is in our hands. 

Tickets will go on sale next Friday, 29th November at 10am and we’ll be sending reminders to everyone on the Summer Ball mailing list before then so we can all be ready. 

In the meantime we want to make sure we’re totally transparent, so have shared information on the financial situation of the ball online at Summerball2020 key info

On the website you can also watch videos from previous Summer Balls to get a taste of what’s in store if we can save the Ball. 

To keep up to date with the latest information on the Ball and to show your support for saving the event, make sure you sign up to the Summer Ball mailing list now by following the link below...


Your SU x


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