A talk by Ana Garcia a Mexican Contemporary Writer

Ana Garcia Bergua- A Mexican Contemporary Writer

In EssexUniversity-Wednesday the 5th November 2008 LTB 8
6:00 pm- 8:00 pm LTB 8

Ana Garcia Bergua is a writer who presents an original narrative where the rules of the everyday world are transgressed by her characters in order to achieve better understanding of the upsetting aspects of human nature. In this lecture she will speak about those stories in her novels where she presents situations full of irony which aims to challenge the reader with deep thoughts on contemporary cultural values.


Ana Garcia Begua is the author of several novels, among them El Umbral (1993), Purpura (1999), Rosals Negras (2004) and Isla de Bobos (2007) plus the short stories published in El imaginador (1996), La confianza de los extranios (2002) and Otra Oportunidad para el Senior Balmand (2004). She is an active collaborator of the Newspaper La Jornada where she has the column Paso a Retirarme where she talks about Mexico City.



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