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SU Reception can help with: tickets, bus passes, prescriptions, SU and Society events, condoms, chlamydia test and sexual health, lost property and lockers.

You can find SU Reception on Square 3.

Monday - Friday

10am - 4pm

The Store is our on-campus convenience shop and the place to grab everything you need for dinner. As part of our promise to shape everything around you, you choose what we stock. If you see something you think we should stock, stick it on a sticker on the wall.

The Store is on Square 4.

Monday - Friday 8am - midnight 
Saturday & Sunday 10am - 6pm

The Extra Store is perfect place to grab your lunch on the go. The shelves are packed with 5 meal deals, hot food throughout the day, American sweets and a free from range and more. 

The Extra Store is on Square 4.

Monday - Friday CLOSED

The latest addition to our family. The Mini Store is located in The Meadows (underneath the laundrette). 

You can grab essential food and toiletries, snacks, hot drinks and hot food. 

Monday - Friday 11am - 4pm

Hot food and something to wake you up before your 9am lecture.We'll even give you 10p off your drink if you bring your own cup.

The Kitchen is on Square 3, next to SU Bar.

Monday - Friday 8am - 3pm

Cine10 is your very own on-campus cinema (in LTB10). It's kitted out with a 2K projector, and full Dolby® 7.1 Surround Sound. 

You'll find Cine10 on the top floor of the LTB.

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The Salon is our on-campus hairdresser and threading salon. They're experts in men's and women's hair, as well as waxing, threading and eyelash extensions. You really don't need to leave campus.

You can find The Salon down the corridor off Square 3.

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Top Bar is classy and laid back. Just like you. It's the perfect place to grab a drink in a laid-back environment.

It's off Square 4 - up the stairs and right.

Mon- Fri 12-3pm 
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Designed for more than just nights out, Base is home to all sorts of unique events from Coko to club nights, open mic nights to small scale live music and so much more.

You can find Base down the stairs off of Square 3 (the same stairs for Sub Zero).

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During the day, SU Bar is the main place to meet on campus. You can grab a Starbucks, some food or grab a table and work on your essay. 

SU Bar is located off Square 3, you can't miss it.

Everyday 11am - 11pm
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MOA is the best place on campus for chicken. Come by for some succulent chicken, delicious wraps, healthy salads and an array of exciting marinades.

You can find MOA right next LTB. 

Mon-Fri 12-3pm
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If you want one of those hoodies you see everyone walking around in or you need to send a letter home, this is the place to be. Here you can also find stationary, cards, souvenirs, Euro and American currency on demand and transfer money through Money Gram.

Everything Essex and The Post Office are on Square 4.

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
Post Office 9am - 5pm

SU Food has got your back 7 days a week.

The only place on campus to grab a 9 or 12” pizza from your classic Margherita or meat feast, to our famous chicken sizzler. We offer the best burgers on campus; ranging from 6 oz beef burgers to grilled chicken or our spicy vegan bean burger.  You’ll be able to grab a breakfast of champions and it’s the home of the infamous Mother Cluckas. We guarantee you’ll find a bit of what you fancy here.

You can find SU Food in the SU Bar, on Square 3.



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Love good coffee? So do we, come along to grab your favourite or to try something new.

 Starbucks is located in the SU Bar, on square 3 

Everyday 11am - 6pm

Sub Zero has been in its current form since 2008, but it’s been a staple at Essex since the 60s hosting acts like AC/DC, Sigma, Paul Oakenfold, Basshunter, S Club Party, Steel Banglez, Skepsis, Ministry of Sound, Cascada, Kelli-Leigh, Majestic and Sweet Female Attitude in that time

You can find SUBZERO off Square 3, down the stairs. 

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