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Student media is the voice of students, and Rebel is your platform to debate, educate, inform and entertain over 12,000 students at Essex; have an amazing time and gain valuable experience while doing so. Welcome to Rebel.


You don’t need experience in media to get involved with Rebel; we are open to every single Essex student. Although if you already have some experience, don't forget to let us know! Rebel is made up of writers, editors, photograhpers, camera operators, presenters, producers, technical gurus, marketing geniuses, web specialists, designers, and so much more. We’re stronger than the sum of our parts, and we work together to create amazing things.

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For Students


Rebel creates content that is tailored to our most important audience – you. In fact, it’s the only place where you’ll find content made for Essex students by Essex students.


News, sports, culture, investigative journalism and live blogs are just some of the things you can read on Rebel, both online and in our magazine.


Tune in online to your very own student radio station


Watch live broadcasts and video coverage of events and from the studios on campus, and enjoy films that have all been created by Essex students.



By Students


Rebel is run by students, and you can be a part of it. Whether media is your passion or just a bit of fun; Rebel is for you.


No matter what your writing passion, whether that’s any form of journalism or creative writing, Rebel is a platform for you to publish your work online and in our print magazine. We’re here to help you develop your writing and give you advice and guidance.


If you’ve ever wanted to get involved with radio, you can with Rebel. Presenting, producing and technical roles are just some of the ways you can be involved. We have 2 radio studios, one which broadcasts live and one which is ideal for pre-recording material or podcasts. We’re a diverse station that represents the Essex community.


Learn how to use professional camera equipment and editing software and get experience with live broadcasting. Rebel has its own TV studio and works with the University Media Centre who kindly let us use their 2 large TV studios. You can create and publish short films and videos with us too.



Rebel is a community of creative people that work together to create amazing things. Not only do you work closely together with each other, you make amazing friends doing so.


Rebel offers tons of opportunities to learn new skills through training and workshops, and even more ways to put those new skills into practice. Cameras, editing, radio, writing, live broadcasting, media law, producing, marketing, social media, design, photography, the list goes on and on and on.


You can be part of the team that runs Rebel. There are a number of paid and voluntary roles, and these roles give you experience in things like leading and managing a team, recruiting and running projects.


Creative Studios


The Creative Studios are the home of Rebel. The studios are equipped with top of the range equipment and software that power the work we do. The new space which opened in October 2015 is here to help you grow your skills and to create professional content in the digital world.

News Room

The news room is the place where our editors, reporters, producers and other members of the team work to gather and produce all of our news content, and prepare articles for publishing online.

TV Studio

The TV Studio is where we record and broadcast our studio based content. It’s a fully configurable space and can be adapted to suit any need, and it has a direct connection to the radio studio so the sound from any live event can be broadcast on the radio, too.

Radio Studio 1

Radio Studio 1 is where our radio station goes live. If you’ve got ambitions for your very own radio show, this is the studio you need to be in!


Radio Studio 2

Radio Studio 2 is identical to Radio Studio 1, but this studio is used to pre record content for shows, and to record podcasts. It’s also the studio that we use to manage the top-secret awesome playlist for the station every week.

Editing Suite

The editing suite is where all of the content for Rebel is edited. Video, audio, photography, web content, design work and writing; we do it all here. We’ve got the full Adobe CC suite on all of our computers, and we’ve got both Macs and PC’s, so whatever you’re preference we’ve got you covered. On the Macs you’ll also benefit from Final Cut Pro, iMovie and Garageband. And the best part is that the suite is open to Rebel members 24/7.


As a member of Rebel you can book out the TV Studio or Radio Studio 2. Someone will be on hand to teach you how to use the equipment and give guidance and advice when you’re in one of the studios.


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