Who We Are

Student officers

We have a Student President here at East 15. Every year East 15 students get to pick their President for the next year in the Leadership Race which takes place in February.

Maryhee Yoon

East 15 (Loughton) President

2nd year BA Acting International


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My plans for this year:


Student Voice & Representation

- Reform the course rep system to be more efficient and effective

- Have more student-to-student interaction to get a more honest idea of what students want and need.


Making Wellbeing a Priority 

- Nighttime safety including a walk-me-home system on Friday nights

- Impact messages promoting self-care and attention to personal health and safety

- Student led projects to enhance wellbeing (e.g. group meditation, etc)


Continuation and Expansion of Opportunities

- Continuing projects and campaigns started last year by my predecessor Mali, such as free tampons and pads, Show Mode, open mics, etc

- Just Play & bringing workshops on campus

- student-led campaigns/events (Black History Month, Pride, fundraisers for shows, etc)