Last year, we asked our students to tell us what the SU should focus on - we call these things the Big Plan. The Big Plan is at the heart of everything the SU does.

These last few years have not been normal, so many things have changed and what impacts you and is important to you has changed. Our Big Plan has been formed to work on what matters to you right now.

This page outlines our priorities, progress and also other priorities we will work on during the year that you tell us about.


             To improve the overall campus experience for students



  1. Building Communities within the campus.
  2. Providing students with a place where they can play sports, or hiring a place nearby for sports
  3. Improving chairs 
  4. Providing students with a place to play E-games (E-Gaming Rooms)
  5. Providing students with a place / high-end PCs where they can edit their videos, films, and pictures.



Improving Communications




  1. More in-person announcements 
  2. Now SU events and facilities would be on screens around the campus
  3. We will work on our social media 



 the cost of living 



  1. We are collecting data on which outlets are offering discounts for students, and would make the data available to students, which will help students with shopping and saving money.
  2. But, we will also be negotiating with the outlets to offer discounts and they will be available in our newsletter.
  3.  We are in contact with the Uni to not increase accommodation costs for this year (Cost of living main project)
  4. Building the concept of shared buying within the accommodation to save costs.




This is who is working to deliver these changes:


VP Southend 



* We are also looking at the quality of teaching across all three campuses and will be working with The VP Education on delivering this