Hello and welcome! Do you want to be a part of something? Any current University of Essex student can volunteer with us! Being part of vTeam is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, make friends and gain valuaeble skills for your CV. 

why volunteer?

I attended the volunteer taster session at the Haven’s Hospices shop and found it very interesting. Becoming a volunteer for them means I will be able to receive further training in customer service and using the till etc. This will improve my business skills as well as skills such as communication.
It's an excellent chance to get involved in the local community and a great way for International students to practice English listening and speaking. It can also be very flexible and fit around your studies. 

But most importantly, Volunteering looks great on your CV, allows you to gain practical experience and contributed towards the Big Essex Employability award.

So, why not join me and contact Haven’s Hospice for more information.

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There is a volunteering opportunity available with our local Oxfam store (37 Southchurch Road). Shifts are very flexible from 3 hours or more each week with plenty of time off for important study leave.

If interested please message us on our Facebook page for further information. 


ESSEX POLICE (Active Citizen Scheme)

They are looking for people who can be deployed into their local district at relatively short notice (a couple/few days). People with skills like speaking a foreign language or experiences in public sector. But the opportunity is open to all.

Must be 18 or over and have resided in the UK for at least the past 3 years.

Volunteers are given a uniformed jacket. AC’s may perform door knockings in areas affected by emotive crimes such as burglary, inform residents of what has occurred in the neighbourhood and give basic crime prevention advice.

AC’s may also be involved in Community Days of Action, be teamed up with local Police officers and PCSO’s and assist with administrative responsibilities.

If interested please message us on our Facebook page for further information. 

JUST RIDE - For HSC Students Only

The cycling charity organisation is based in Southend- on- sea and is giving the chance to use custom build multi-purpose bikes in a safe environment. They are mainly catering for those with additional needs and that learning to cycle, but everyone is welcome.

They are looking for like-minded people who maybe studying some sort of healthcare based in Southend.

If interested please message us on our Facebook page for further information. 

British Heart Foundation 

British Heart Houndation are starting to look at setting up Fundraising Group in Southend. This involves volunteers who come together to form a group, to work together to put on fundraising events within their local area. It’s very much up to the group how many events they organise each year but we would hope for a minimum of three. 

The descriptions of these roles are:

-          Fundraising Group Leader

-          Fundraising Group Member

There are also more flexible opportunities such as:

-          Collection Tin Volunteer

-          Community Speaker Volunteer

-          Schools and Youth Volunteer

If interested please message us on our Facebook page for further information. 


Sova, is a national charity that runs a number of different projects across England and Wales. They have a new project in Southend that they need to recruit a number of volunteers for.

The opportunity is for night time volunteers working in Southend town centre on Friday and Saturday nights between 9:30pm and 5:30am on a rota basis, helping those who are at risk due to substance misuse, anti-social behaviour or who have been victims of crime. They provide all our volunteers with full training on the below areas:

·         First aid for frontline workers

·         Basic life support

·         De-escalation skills

·         Safeguarding

·         Data protection

If interested please message us on our Facebook page for further information.