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Local event - Fireworks
16th October - 4th December
Seafront Fireworks every Saturday from 16th October to 4th December!
Local event - Southend Cocktail week!
22nd-31st October
Southend Cocktail Week returns for a third year this Autumn with a ten day self guided tour that will leave your tastebuds tingling.
Local event - Halloween parade
30th October
Some frightfully good fun is in store for families and visitors this autumn when the first ever Southend Halloween Parade takes place on Saturday 30 October.



The period after freshers is when the nerves proper start to set in, it gets a little quieter, and everything starts to feel a lot more real. All of a sudden, your dishes are piling up, you have readings to get through and you’re missing your dog. So, here are some thoughts that (hopefully) may help somehow or at least remind you that everyone is going through similar things. 

  • Missing home is something that can really kick in at this point, something I always found helped was eating some familiar food or even just making the time to stay in touch with family and friends from home
  • You’ve probably met a lot of people so far but an important thing to remember is to not feel pressured to stick to the friends you made in fresher's week. You might not have found your people yet, so keep looking!
  • Washing. It sucks and you’re probably gonna leave it till you’re on your last pair of socks. There’s not much else to say aside from Good Luck
  • ‘What do I prioritise?’ It might get to a point where you want to do everything. You want to prepare for your lecture, meal prep, join 5 different societies and go out to 4 nights a week. Doing as much as possible is something I’ll always recommend but the important part is to not let yourself burn-out





How do I extend my student visa from the UK?

If you are an international student currently living in the UK who has had to repeat a year, or who is changing from a pre-sessional to UG, or UG to PG course, you will need to extend your Student Visa by making an application to the Home Office. SU Advice can explain the process and help you by checking your documents, including your application form, whether you are applying for yourself or also for dependents.

How can I resolve a dispute with my landlord over my deposit?

Your deposit should be held in a Deposit Protection Scheme, and if you and your landlord can’t agree about deductions you may be able to use your scheme’s dispute resolution process. If you would like some help with this, or with any other issues relating to your old or new tenancy, SU Advice will be happy to help.

I’m a Masters’ student, and I don’t think I’ll be able to submit my dissertation on time...

If extenuating circumstances mean you need more time to complete your dissertation, and you are an existing student who is due to submit your dissertation for the first time this year, your department is now allowed to authorise extensions for more than four weeks if needed. To find out more, contact your supervisor or your department’s PG administrator, and don’t forget that SU Advice is also here to support you.



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