Boot up your consoles, we’ve got a FIFA tournament for you!

Play online against other students and see if you’re the best talent Essex has to offer. Whether you’re loyal to Xbox or prefer PlayStation, we have a cup draw for you. Can you beat the odds and make it to the final? Give it your best shot.

You will be paying Online Friendlies, selecting any team of your choice. The squad type must be “85 Overall”, so that everyone can play their favourite team and for us to truly settle who deserves the title of being the ultimate Essex SU FIFA player. 

The game settings: 

Half Length: 6 mins 

Game Speed: Fast 

Squad Type: 85 Overall

Round 1 must be completed by Friday 16th October 2020 at 9am, please send screenshots of your results to suengagement@essex.ac.uk by 12pm.

The fixtures (XBOX players click the table to see further rules):