Who We Are

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At Essex we’re not like other SUs and we don’t want to be.

We're a group of over 16,000 students on a mission, an adventure to become the world’s most student-centred organisation. It’s ambitious and challenging, yet short enough to fit in a tweet.

our tattoos

Our tattoos are what we stand for. They're our values. If the SU were a person these would be the things we believed in so much we'd get them tattooed on our body.


To measure how we're doing against our four promises we created our 'Vital Stats' - a termly review where we speak to over 1000 members and get their honest opinion on how we're doing

our four promises.
we promise to...

For the entire time you're at Essex, we make your four promises


1: We promise to help you get an amazing degree and job


We'll fill up your CV, make sure you course is great, and even give out fruit and water before exams. We'll give you all the tools you need to destroy the competition in interviews.

I’ve been so blessed throughout my time at Essex to have a number of different job roles within the SU and the University that have really helped my employability after University. There is so much support to help you throughout your degree and numerous opportunities that help enhance your CV. As a result, I've been offered great internships and amazing job roles within my career field when I complete my Masters Degree.

Masters Human Rights Student


2: We promise to give you a kick-ass membership


Bars, coffee shops, restaurants, a nightclub, hair salon, even a cinema, all on campus. And hundreds of clubs and societies too. You'll never be bored at Essex.

I'm having a great time at Essex. I've made so many friends through the Lacrosse Club and Just Play sessions, and there's so much to do on campus.

3rd Year Sports & Exercise Science Student


3: We promise to shape everything around you


You're in charge of what we stock in our venues and how we work. You can vote by dropping a token in a box, and write on our walls. You control everything we do together.

We're constantly being asked what we would like to see changed and students' voices are listened to and acted on.

1st Year Psychology Student


4: We promise to beNEFIT All Students


We're a mix of students from 135 different countries of every age, gender, sexuality, religion, year of study and shoe size. We'll look after you whatever.

I've been part of the International Students' Association for a couple of years. It's great to meet other international students, and have the whole world in one place.

4th Year Law & Politics Student