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The SU’s top job is to represent your academic interests and as such we working hard inside and outside the university to make sure you get a great qualification. This page is where we can help you sort out any problems with your learning experience and improve your course, so it’s the best it can be. It’s a page for all students and all their representatives. Its got the latest news for your the campus and your department. Its got loads of useful stuff that you can use with your course mates to help improve your learning experience.




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Nursing strike - What our student nurses need to know!

Nursing students! You may have heard that the Royal College of Nursing has balloted it's members and strike action is likely to take place in December. Read on to find out what the University is putting in place to support student nurses.

Exams 2022/23 - What to expect

With a full return to on campus teaching, some changes have been made to examinations this year. Read our no nonsense guide here.

A Master’s Guide To...

…Well, applying for a Master’s!

Your Guide to Module Handbooks

Okay so a module handbook might not sound like the most thrilling read in the world but hear us out!

Your Best Places to Study on Campus

Fed up with studying in your room? Need a break from the same four walls? Don’t worry, we’ve had a wander round both the Colchester, Southend and Loughton campuses to find the best places to get your head down and study. It doesn’t matter whether you are someone who needs to study in silence or the type of student who needs a bit of a buzz around you, our guide will have something for everyone.

Student Voice Groups – What’s all that about?

Click here for our handy guide to Student Voice Groups (SVG’s) at Essex.

Second-guessing your course? You’re grand, you can swap.

Remember that time you took a shot and that little voice in your head whispered “I think we’ve just made a catastrophic mistake there...”, and there was no coming back from it? And you paid the price the next day? Well thankfully, if you feel like you may have chosen the wrong course, there’s no price to pay, and you can come back from it. Give this guide a little read, it’ll show you what else is out there, and how you can change courses.

Personal Tutoring - What to Expect

A personal tutor is a bit like a onesie. You might not know this; but everyone has one (everyone). So, what is a Personal Tutor? Well, a bit like a onesie, they’re there to support and comfort us all year round. Last year you, the students, told us that having an “excellent” Personal Tutor can have an incredibly positive impact on your studies, so this year the University is making sure you all have the best experience possible. Give this a little click to find out what to expect.

Blended Learning: To Zoom or Not To Zoom, That Is The Question.

So, some of you might be familiar with (and potentially sick of hearing) the term “Blended Learning”, whilst others might be feeling as lost as you might find yourself at 2am in Sub Zero. However, thanks to your Education Team at The SU, we’ve written an entire article on it, detailing what it is, why its there, and what to expect, so you’re left feeling as up-to-date as that pint of milk in your fridge…? (Of which I’d probably check by the way.)