Welcome Week starts on Sunday 4th October!

Interactive, virtual and outdoor events to welcome you to Essex!

Welcome back!

See what's changed over summer at your SU...

Freshers Fortnight

Find out about all the awesome events we've got planned for Freshers Fortnight!







SU BAR Monday
28th September
Please note you must prebook your table in advance. You must arrive at your allocated ticket time. Please do not come if you are showing COVID-19 Symptoms.
#iSUlation - SU Quiz (theme tbc) 19:00 -19:30
28th September
Online - please see description
#iSUlation - Chess Society: Introduction
29th September
Online: please see weblink in the description
#iSUlation - Jackbox and Among Us with MTAS 18:00-20:00
29th September
Online - please see description
SU Bar Tuesday
29th September
SU Bar
Please note you must prebook your table in advance. You must arrive at your allocated ticket time. Please do not come if you are showing COVID-19 Symptoms.
#iSUlation - Origami with the Origami Society 19:00-19:45
29th September
Facebook Live - Origami Society Facebook Page



Everything you need to know before you start university...

Welcome Week starts on Sunday 4th October!

Interactive, virtual and outdoor events, free croissants, coffee, cocktails, beer and more!

Registering with a GP (Doctor)

The last thing you want to do when you feel unwell is to be finding a GP! Here's how to get registered.

Online Uni registration opens on Tuesday 1st September

It's time to become a fully fledged Essex student!

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Keeping You Safe

We'll be constantly reviewing how we adapt our services and venues to give you the best experience possible within a safe environment.

Finding Accommodation

From quiet spaces, to rooms in the heart of campus, you are bound to find the perfect place for you.

7 Best Places to Visit on Campus

Adrian, VP Community & Engagement, rates 7 places on campus on atmosphere, workability and how instagrammable they are.

Top 4 tips for getting started with IT

Get yourself ready for studying at Essex!

Guide to getting to campus

Here’s a guide on how to find your way to your new home.

10 Places you need to know in Colchester

Places you can explore in and around Colchester.



How we are going to make sure you get the best degree possible...

How to find your classroom

Mark, VP Education, takes you through how to find your classroom on campus.

Become a Student Rep!

Calling all of our 16,000 members. Be the voice of Essex students and help to shape the future of your University by becoming a Student Rep!

Thinking of changing courses? Do these things first!

Whatever your reason for wanting to change your course at Essex, we've created a handy guide on how to do it and things to consider along the way.

What Studying at Essex Will Look Like

Mark, VP Education, touches on subjects such as the library, learning from home, support and safety.

Get ahead of the game and find your reading list now!

Searching for your reading lists is as simple as ordering a Dominoes pizza...



Support for looking after your physical and mental health...

How to Balance Friendships At University

Whether you wanted to start a new chapter in your life, or are looking to expand your friendship group, here are a few ways to effectively manage your friendships at University.

7 Ways to get Support

Support services ranging from mental health and financial, to helping you reach your full potential.

5 Ways to Build Confidence

“Do not fear to be eccentric of opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.”

10 Tips to Look After Your Mental Health at Uni

Put yourself first and listen to music... these are some tips we can get on board with.



Incredible activities you can get involved in and all the SU venues you're going to love...

5 things we do at Rebel

Are you a creative looking to develop (or show off) your skills?

10 reasons to volunteer with VTeam

VTeam is the volunteering department of the SU and we run loads of volunteering projects for you to get involved in!

What I love about American Football

"I thought I would try something new and see if I liked it...the coaches and the more senior players help you pick up the knowledge in such a short period of time but keep you interested and make it enjoyable."

5 Things I love about Cheer

Lucy tells you what she loves about being part of the Club of the Year 2020.

5 Reasons to join the Sub Aqua Club

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced diver, read on to find out what's waiting for you at Sub Aqua!

4 Things to Know About The Kitchen

Here are 4 facts about this small but mighty SU outlet...

An Introduction to your FREE SU membership

Liv, VP Student Experience, gives the reasons why you're going to love your SU membership.

5 Things I love about Women's Rugby

Looking for a way to make some new girl friends? We think we have a solution!

4 things to know about SU Bar

A place where you can write on the will - literally!

What I love about Lacrosse

From the social atmosphere at training to club socials, Liv - VP Student Experience tells you what she loves about the sport.

5 members tell you what they love Malaysian Society

"I feel ever so proud to be a member."

Why I Like the Politics Society

Looking for a friendly and productive debate about our modern politics? Read on!

The ELSA Society

European Law Student Association - what is it?

4 Things I Love about Roleplay Gaming and Tabletop Society

“Societies are one of the best ways to find a community you belong to in your home away from home.”

5 things I love about Pakistan Society

"Here at Essex, Pakistan Society feels like a family, it’s a community for everyone."

Get involved in Societies!

Passionate about Politics? Creative and crafty? Musically minded?

Introducing The Store...

The top 5 things you need to know about our most popular shop!

5 things we love about Enactus Society

Hear from members on their reasons why they get involved with the society.

SU Freshers Fair

Whether you want to try something you’ve never tried before, or just looking for a fresh challenge, or make new friends... you’ll find it at Essex!



How you can support, get involved with and shape your community...

How do I find my community?

"Our members have the power. We have the tools. Together we make amazing things happen."

Meet your Women's Officer for the year

"The sisterhood is here for you and you will always have a safe space with us."

Meet your Black Student Community Officer

How to get in touch with Andrea, your 2020/21 Black Student Community Officer.

An introduction to the Asian community at Essex

Meet your Asian Officer for the year.

Meet your LGBQ+ Officer

Hello and a warm welcome to the LGBTQ+ community!

Finding your Community

Adrian, VP Community & Engagement breaks down what communities are and how to get involved.





My top tips for saving money through Freshers

  1. Budget what you can spend per week, to keep your bank balance on track

  2. Utilise Unidays as much as you can, mega discounts are on there, from clothes, to subscriptions, to meals out! Just use your Essex email address to sign up

  3. Plan your meals and do some cooking! If you buy the right foods and do some batch cooking, it’ll save you loads of time and money

  4. You can get all your home and kitchen stuff from Tesco – but I recommend either heading to the Range, B&M or IKEA for more variety and cheaper cost, who also deliver!

  5. If you sign up to Santander student bank account, you’ll get a free 16-25 railcard for four years – giving you 1/3 off any rail travel!




Will I need to pay council tax for my accommodation?

Full time students are exempt from paying for Council Tax. If you are living in University owned accommodation, this is automatically exempt so you do not need to do anything. If you are moving into off campus accommodation you will need to make sure you inform the relevant council of your student status. 

I’ve lost my student card over the summer – can I get a new one?

No need to panic, visit the Student Services Hub, Floor 1 of the Silberrad Centre to buy a replacement card (£5). 

My student loan payment has been delayed – is there any financial help available?

The University offers a Late Funding loan to both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students who have applied for funding from Student Finance or the NHS but who have not yet received any payments. 



SU Advice are on hand to help with whatever you may need. Find us on square 3 or visit our page




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