Strike FAQ's

We know strikes can be an incredibly frustrating time for students, so we have put together this comprehensive guide to all things related to the upcoming industrial action.

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As a direct response from students, we are bringing back #iSUlation, an events series with a number of online sessions!




5th November - 13th February
Sub Zero
Want to be a VIP all term long? Get entry to all events guaranteed?* Access to special drinks deals and freebies? You will get a term two WRISTBAND. Please note there is a limited number of term passes available.
Teaching English to Refugees
30th November
Want to volunteer and give something back to society? Come along with VTeam to teach English to refugees with the only volunteering project that focuses exclusively on refugees!
Introductory Student Rep Training on Zoom
30th November
Introductory Training gives you the skills you need to become a successful rep.
30th November
The Hex (above the launderette)
Join us for a new series of art workshops that will spark your creativity!
Origami Session 8
30th November
Populist Tea, a Psychoanalysis Society Open Forum
30th November
All are welcome to join us for a 30-minute presentation, followed by discussion and a social at Top Bar. This talk aims to build bridges between Psychoanalysis and other neighbouring disciplines such as the social sciences and philosophy.





  • Stock up on drinks and snacks! It’s never fun working whilst hungry, and it can be an unwelcome disruption if you’re working on campus and then realise you have to stop to go and get food
  • Look at the question very early on! It’s ideal to start working on your assignment really early so that you can get the work done with minimum stress and produce work of your best quality
  • Use the mark scheme! Tailor your answer so that it meets all of the requirements. This not only increases your chances of getting a high grade, but also helps you to think more clearly about how to address the question
  • Read around the subject! If you want top grades, it is important not to rely solely on the lecture slides. My favourite place to look for sources is Google scholar, but there’s loads of options
  • Format correctly! Each department/course is likely to have their own requirements for how to format and submit your assignments. And definitely find out what referencing style you need to be using. If you don’t do these things, you’re likely to lose a few marks! 
  • Leave enough time for referencing! You don’t want to be in the situation where you’re rushing your essay to meet the deadline and you suddenly realise you haven’t done your references. Ideally you should be updating them as you go. 





How do I extend my student visa from the UK?

If you are an international student currently living in the UK who has had to repeat a year, or who is changing from a pre-sessional to UG, or UG to PG course, you will need to extend your Student Visa by making an application to the Home Office. SU Advice can explain the process and help you by checking your documents, including your application form, whether you are applying for yourself or also for dependents.

How can I resolve a dispute with my landlord over my deposit?

Your deposit should be held in a Deposit Protection Scheme, and if you and your landlord can’t agree about deductions you may be able to use your scheme’s dispute resolution process. If you would like some help with this, or with any other issues relating to your old or new tenancy, SU Advice will be happy to help.

I’m a Masters’ student, and I don’t think I’ll be able to submit my dissertation on time...

If extenuating circumstances mean you need more time to complete your dissertation, and you are an existing student who is due to submit your dissertation for the first time this year, your department is now allowed to authorise extensions for more than four weeks if needed. To find out more, contact your supervisor or your department’s PG administrator, and don’t forget that SU Advice is also here to support you.



SU Advice are on hand to help with whatever you may need. Find us on square 3 or visit our page




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