Marking and assessment boycott

What we know so far about the strike action being taken by some university staff…

SU Leadership Election: Nominations are OPEN!

Have you been represented this year? We're looking for students who care passionately about their communities and want to shape the direction of the SU. Find out more...

SHAG Week - Abortion

For SHAG Week your SU have written an article on Abortion, including information on where to find support.




Volunteers for Colchester Half Marathon needed!
5th April - 22nd May
Volunteer marshalls needed for Robin Cancer Trust half marathon in Colchester.
SU Leadership Elections - SCO and Parliament
9th-27th May
Student Parliament is made up of students who make decisions about how the SU works and represent the various student communities. Who do you want to speak for you? The student Community Officers are the face of their community
Volunteer at Horses and Donkeys Rescue Farm!
21st May
Sudbury - transport provided
Travel with us to care farm for abandoned horses and donkeys and volunteer to help us maintain the farm! Prepare for nice walks in the sun, petting cute horses and helping around the rescue :)
Lend A Hand Regular Volunteering Project
21st May
Braintree - transport provided!
Want to give something back? You can help out people from a disadvantaged background to improve their use of tablets so that they can communicate with their friends and families!
SOC Saturdays
21st May
SU Bar
Another chance to Prove yourself on Karaoke, And show campus your talent
Sub Zero Presents - Milk it vs FED
21st May
Sub Zero
Saturday nights out on campus have two of our biggest nights out mashed into one night!




Unsure of the best way to spend Term 3? Before we dive in, let’s take a moment to be honest. With strikes, exams and an Easter break in sight, you may be a little unsure of what the next few months will hold. You might not even be sure if you want to stay on campus, but I hope these ideas give you a few reasons to stick around. 

  1. THE SUN! This is the time of year where you can spend most of your days in bike shorts and a hoodie sat by the lakes. It’s the perfect time to have a BBQ with friends after a long day of revision or a midday picnic for a break.
  2. The Solidarity. Exam season is tough on all of us so having the chance to spend your revision time in the library, the Silberrad or even the Greenhouse Café while surrounded by other students really makes you feel like you’re in it together 
  3. The Exam Support. As a sneak peak, we will be having mini celebration events at the end of each week with different FREE events to celebrate the end of your exams 
  4. ‘The End’. This is a whole day of students filling up all the campus squares where there will be music, food and just great vibes! It’s a brilliant chance to celebrate the end of the year with all your friends before going away for the summer :) 




How do I extend my student visa from the UK?

If you are an international student currently living in the UK who has had to repeat a year, or who is changing from a pre-sessional to UG, or UG to PG course, you will need to extend your Student Visa by making an application to the Home Office. SU Advice can explain the process and help you by checking your documents, including your application form, whether you are applying for yourself or also for dependents.

How can I resolve a dispute with my landlord over my deposit?

Your deposit should be held in a Deposit Protection Scheme, and if you and your landlord can’t agree about deductions you may be able to use your scheme’s dispute resolution process. If you would like some help with this, or with any other issues relating to your old or new tenancy, SU Advice will be happy to help.

I’m a Masters’ student, and I don’t think I’ll be able to submit my dissertation on time...

If extenuating circumstances mean you need more time to complete your dissertation, and you are an existing student who is due to submit your dissertation for the first time this year, your department is now allowed to authorise extensions for up to four weeks if needed. To find out more, contact your supervisor or your department’s PG administrator, and don’t forget that SU Advice is also here to support you.



SU Advice are on hand to help with whatever you may need. Find us on square 3 or visit our page




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