Using the student feedback that we gathered throughout last year, our Sabbatical Officers have created our Big Plan goals that the SU is focusing on this year. The last few years have been anything but normal, which changed our method of collating our students’ priorities from setting up big walls on our campus squares, to having more regular meaningful conversations with you, across the whole academic year and focussing on our communities needs.  

The Big Plan is at the heart of everything the SU does. Our Big Plan has been formed to work on what matters to you right now and we plan to stay adaptable and always ready to react, in these everchanging times.  

This page outlines our priorities and progress, as well as other aims which you will help us decide upon during the year.  The role of ‘Big Plan Coordinator’ comes under the responsibilities of the VP International; so if there were any queries or further questions that you had regarding The Big Plan, please do not hesitate to email Marcus at  



Cost of Living Crisis




  • To form and maintain a cost of living crisis management group that treats this as an emergency and achieves real wins
  • To organise and hold in-year, practical money saving activities for students
  • To provide students with easily accessible and up-to-date information around financial support available


These are the people working to deliver these changes :


The Sabb team 


Teaching quality




  • To share feedback with departments to have a more agile and dynamic way to fix issues
  • To give students the chance to be heard more easily and often
  • To motivate lecturers to take the project seriously and add a positive through the SU awards
  • To encourage lecturers to adapt to their students needs


These are the people working to deliver these changes :


VP Community & Engagement 

VP education



 Food variety 




  • Have a platform whereby we can consistently gather feedback from students on their food opinions on campus
  • Have a wider range of options available for when students return, that are also suitable for dietary requirements
  • Increase the overall satisfaction for students and create a sense of belonging for students through food
  • Have an action plan for different cuisines during the World Cup


These are the people  working to deliver these changes :


VP Welfare 

VP Student Expereince 

Breaking Barriers for our Students with Disabilities



  • To improve the experience of students with disabilities at the uni
  • Make meaningful change through the working group
  • To input in relevant uni work relating to students with disabilities
  • Make students feel supported and that their voices are heard
  • Improving accessibility on the university’s website around support for students with disabilities


These are the people working to deliver these changes :


VP Community & Engagement 


VP Welfare 

VP Education 

southend and Loughton  



Details of these plans can be found on the following pages :