Glad you stumbled across our page, here lies the beginning of a beautiful friendship. VTeam are here to help you gain skills, practise self-care and make positive changes to the community.

*Student Volunteering Week 2021


VTeam is the volunteering branch of the Students’ Union. We are ambitious and we want to help every student achieve their full potential through volunteering. The American author H. Jackson Brown Jr. once said that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more. This is absolutely true, research has shown that volunteering is excellent for your mental health. Getting out of the house, doing something new, meeting people, being selfless... Imagine the buzz our volunteers get after each project!

So why volunteer with VTeam specifically? We don't just hunt out existing volunteer roles, we use our connections to create new, unique opportunities for you. We cover all the costs, be it transport, equipment and/or materials. We look after you, ensuring that you are safe and covered by our insurance (should you ever need it). Most importantly, all of our services are completely free and part of your SU membership, so volunteering with us will never leave you out of pocket.

You can volunteer with us in three ways: through a one-off opportunity, through one of our regular projects or through a placement. One-Offs are volunteering opportunities which take place once, they tend to take place over the weekend. Regular Projects provide weekly volunteering opportunities which you can attend as and when you want (no need to turn up every week!). Placements are a bit more "official" but are the perfect way to get your foot in the door career-wise.

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What's on?

New to volunteering? Don't know where to start? This page will show all opportunities in one place.

One-Off Projects

For those who want to spend the day doing something unique. Groom a horse, paint a fence, clear up a beach...



Self isolating? You can volunteer without leaving the house!


From being a volunteer in the zoo for a month to running the ISA, we have various roles throughout the year

Regular Projects

Weekly opportunities to volunteer in schools, care homes, cat shelters and more!

other useful bits


These are the amazing people we work with.

Case studies

Check out what volunteers have to say about their experience.

NEW Projects

Have an idea for a new project? We'd love to hear about it!


Download key documents to help with your project and meet the team.


Take a look at last year's amazing volunteer winners.



If you're not sure which project is best for you or have a question about

how this all works, just send us a message. We're super friendly, we promise.