Rebel standards are designed to allow Rebel members to shape their experience and pursue the activities that they will love to give them a kickass experience. Throughout the year you’ll be able to record your activities by submitting it here.

Every badge is worth points and when your reach enough points you’ll be awarded a standard. This will be done throughout the year so you’ll be able to see what you’re on track to achieving. 



There are 4 types of badges; black, bronze, silver and gold.  

Black badges are compulsory and every member must achieve these to be officially awarded their standard at the end of the year. You will not be able to apply for this badge but we will award based on our records. Each black badge is worth 100 points.

Bronze badges are worth 100 points but can be upgraded to Silver (200 points) and even Gold (400 points) if you reach the net set of criteria for the badge. We will use the final colour badge to calculate how many points to put towards your standard (for example if you reached a silver badge in fundraising you would get 200 points, not 300 (100 bronze, 200 silver).



To achieve each standard you need to have the following points

Bronze standard = 1000 points, Silver Standard = 2000 points, Gold Standard = 4000 points

We may add in extra badges throughout the year for you to aspire to and may introduce a platinum level standard if many reach Gold throughout the year.





These must be completed to get any standard

Introducing Badge - Complete an induction for the Creative Studios

Media Law Badge - Complete media law training on Moodle






Bronze, Silver & Gold

Designers Badge

Work on the design of the magazine.

Bronze – 1 issue

Silver – 2 issues

Gold – 3 issues

Writers Badge 

Work on articles for Rebel that are then published online or in print. This can be done by writing or by taking photographs for an article.

Bronze - 2 articles online

Silver -  4 articles online, 1 in print

Gold - 8 articles online, 2 in print

Production Badge

Film video or record sound for videos that are published.

Bronze – 2 videos

Silver – 5 videos

Gold – 10 videos

Post-production Badge

Be an editor for projects that are published.

Bronze – 2 videos

Silver – 5 videos

Gold – 10 videos


Be a presenter on a show or video.

Bronze – 2 shows

Silver – 5 shows

Gold – 10 shows

Radio Badge

Present or produce a radio show.

 Bronze – 5 shows

Silver – 10 shows

Gold – 15 shows


Produce/work on a piece of content that uses more than one medium (e.g. an article that has video content)

Bronze – 1 piece of content

Silver – 5 pieces of content

Gold – 10 pieces of content


Provide coverage of a society or an event run by a society. This can be for an article, video, radio show or podcast.

Bronze – 2 societies related activities covered

Silver – 5 societies related activities covered

Gold – 10 societies related activities covered


Provide coverage of Essex Blades matches. This can be for an article, video, radio show or podcast.

Bronze – 2 matches covered

Silver – 5 matches covered

Gold – 10 matches covered


Work on a project that is raising money for charity (e.g. The 50 Hour Rebellion)

Bronze - event raises £125

Silver -  event raises £250

Gold - event raises £500


Help Rebel to hold events that aim to engage with non-members of Rebel. This can include come and try events, performances and workshops.

Bronze – 1 event

Silver – 2 events

Gold – 3 events

Amazing job Badge 

Demonstrate that you have helped other members of the Rebel community to get an amazing job once they graduate. This may include: organising a recruitment fair, actively engaging your members to participate in the Big Essex Award, organising network events with employers, hosting workshops, encouraging members to attend Learning and Skills sessions.

Bronze – 1 activity

Silver – 2 activities

Gold – 3 activities

Liberation Badge 

Demonstrate how you have actively helped Rebel to engage with students from the liberation groups (LGBT*, BAME, disabled, women.) and other student groups e.g. Mature students, off campus students, student parents, postgraduate students)This may be by: Collaborating or participating in an event hosted by the relevant liberation network. Ensuring your events are inclusive and accessible to those students. Working on a project that solely focuses on engaging with students from a specific liberation group.

Bronze – 1 activity

Silver – 2 activities

Gold – 3 activities


Provide coverage of or represent Rebel in an event within our university community. Examples of events include: The SU Leadership Race, Derby Day, Winter Fayre, Fireworks, Open Days, House Warming, Graduation, RAG Week, One World Week, Pride.

Bronze – 3 events

Silver – 6 events

Gold – 9 events


How do I apply for badges?

To apply for badges you just have to complete this simple form