If you would like help with any of the procedures below or guidance on how to proceed with a complaint please feel free to contact the SU Advice to meet with an adviser and discuss your situation further.

University Complaints

If you are unhappy with an aspect of University policy, the provision of a service or the way a student has  been treated by a member of staff then you can submit a formal complaint.  The University provides guidance on the complaints procedures which you are advised to read before submitting your complaint. It is advisable to try and deal with any matter of complaint informally, where possible, before submitting a formal complaint. Please use the following link to find the procedures and further information about the process.  


Reporting concerns of harassment, hate crime, sexual violence or unwanted behaviour

The University has a zero tolerance approach to sexual violence, harassment and hate crime.  If you or another student have experienced negative behavior or discrimination of any kind, this can be reported via the University's Report and Support system.  

The Report and Support system allows for students and staff at the University to register concerns or complaints about the behaviour or actions of other members of the University communtiy. There are 2 ways you can report something, anonymously or contact with an adviser:

  • Reporting Anonymously - If you choose to submit a report anonymously, the University would be unable to take any action on this report. Anonymous reports provide statistical information, which is used to inform the University's proactive and preventative work on tackling sexual violence, harassment and hate crime. 
  • Contact with an adviser - if you choose to provide your details you will be contacted within 3 days by one of the University advisers.  You also have an option to request the University to initiate action on your report. 


Complaints about another student

If you wish to submit a complaint about the actions of another student that you believe constitute a breach of the University Student Conduct Code, then you can submit a report to the University Conduct team using their Incident Report Form.  This form will be passed to a Conduct Investigator to review and take relevant actionPlease note, if the incident is also of a criminal nature, you should also report the incident to the Police.  The Student Conduct processes are not intended to replace criminal proceedings.


Students' Union Complaints

If you have a complaint about the Students' Union you can find details of the SU Complaints process here.