Health and Wellbeing


Students in full-time education who are under the age of 19 can be automatically entitled to full help with their health costs. Students aged 19 or over may also be eligible for help too with Health Costs depending on how much they earn/what savings they have.

In order to see if you qualify for the NHS Low Income Scheme to receive help with Health Costs you should fill in an HC1 form. If you are eligible you will receive an HC2 Certificate which will detail the help you can receive.

Claiming a refund:
If you have paid an NHS prescription charge you must use the prescription receipt form FP57 to claim a refund. You should ask for this form at the time you pay as you cannot get one later. The form will explain the procedure to follow.

If you have paid for other NHS charges you must use the claim form for the charge you have paid. There is a separate form for each type of charge (HC5(O) for optical costs, HC5(D) for Dental costs, HC5(T) for NHS travel costs and HC5(W) for wigs and fabric support charges.

SU Advice has HC1 and HC5(O) HC5(D) forms available on reception which students can pick up at any time.

prescription service

The SU operates a Prescription Delivery Service. You can find out more details on this web page:


sexual health

SU Advice provides free condoms to students.

These can be collected from the SU Advice reception desk. We also have pregnancy tests for sale at £2 each and can give out free personal security alarms.


emotional support

At SU Advice we are not trained counsellors, but are happy to provide a listening ear and practical support.  If you're looking for someone to talk to the University of Essex Wellbeing team are there to help and support students.  Alternatively, the Counselling Directory can help you find someone in your local area.