Living in University Accommodation is something most students will experience at some point during their life as a student.


The university's accommodation terms and conditions


The University’s terms and conditions for Accommodation can be found on the Accommodation Office website. It outlines the terms of your offer of accommodation like a tenancy agreement. The University Accommodation is for a fixed period. For Undergraduate students it's 39 weeks and for Postgraduate students it's usually 50 weeks.

University accommodation fees


The University Accommodation fees are usually charged termly around the time of student finance payments. They're based on the cost per week for your accommodation and include all bills and rates that would normally be paid separately in private tenancies.

The University also has a block hall insurance policy with Endsleigh Insurance Services that insures your personal belongings in you room. It's important to check the cover that's provided under this arrangement as items probably won't be covered for damage out of your accommodation (for example, a laptop might not be covered if damaged in the library). You can take out extra cover with Endsleigh if you'd like to increase the level of protection. You can find more details on the University web pages:

There are deadlines by which payments must be made for each term. If you have not paid by the deadline then a late payment fee of £20 will be charged for each month that the payment is late by.

If you're having problems paying your accommodation fees, you should seek advice as soon as you can from:

You'll be issued a reminder if you fall into debt with accommodation fees. After 5 weeks of the Payment Due Date if no attempt has been made to pay the debt, the University might apply for a Notice to Quit to begin eviction proceedings. If you find yourself in this position, please contact the Advice Centre to discuss your options

Leaving university accommodation early


Like with many tenancy agreements, the University doesn't let you to leave your tenancy agreement early if you're a full-time registered student unless you can find somebody to take over your place. There's a set procedure for this (details can be accessed here) and the new tenant must be approved by the University Accommodation Office.

If you withdraw or intermit, you're no longer a full-time registered student and you'll be asked to leave University Accommodation. You'll stop being charged once your withdrawal/intermission request has been approved and you've returned your keys to the University.

Faults and repairs


If there's a problem with something in your accommodation, you should report it as soon as you can to the relevant University teams. Most repairs for campus accommodation will be carried out by the Estates Management Section of the University (unless you are living in The Meadows, The Copse or The Quays in which case your repairs are likely to be dealt with by Derwent). To find the relevant contact details to report faults/repairs please see here: