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We all know that student life can often mean living on a budget.  SU Advice is here to give you practical advice and information to help you make the most of your money. We can help with the following:

  • - Provide advice and information about your basic rights as a consumer
  • - Basic advice on paying and reclaiming tax
  • - Advice on council tax - for example if you believe you have been wrongly charged
  • - Setting up billing accounts and paying bills
  • - TV licencing
  • - Emergency Welfare Telephone - this is a free phone service for those needing to make urgent welfare calls.  You must provide a valid Student Registration Card as well as details of who you are calling and why.
  • - Repayable Short-term Hardship Loan

If you have any questions regarding Benefits and Debt Management we suggest you visit the University Student Support Office webpages for further advice.


SU Advice hardship loan

We know life as a student can be difficult, particularly when it comes to money.  Help is available to students experiencing financial difficulties.  SU Advice offers a short term hardship loan (usually up to a maximum of £100).  There are no interest fees, or late repayment fees, but you will need to agree a repayment date for your loan.  If you do not repay your loan by the end of the academic year (June), you will be registered in debt with the University which can impact on your ability to attend graduation and/or register for your next academic year of study.
Loans can be issued via cash or via bank transfer straight into your account (please allow up to 5 working days for payments to be processed).  Repayments can also be made via cash (please visit the SU Advice Centre) or via online transfer (account details will be emailed to you).  Regretfully we cannot accept card repayments.

Terms and Conditions:

Please ensure you read and understand the following terms and conditions for the SU Advice Hardship Loan:

  1. Applicants must be currently registered students (you will be required to provide your PRID and present your Student Registration Card at the point of collecting the loan if your application is accepted) - please note Undergraduate students may not be eligible to receive loans during the University Summer vacation period as they are not deemed to be studying during the summer months.  PGT and PGR students and UG students who are undertaking placement or academic study during the summer period are still considered eligible to apply.
  2. Applicants must complete an application form and provide information as to why they require a loan, when and how they intend to be able to repay the loan.
  3. Standard loans amounts are between £5 and £100, however, in exceptional circumstances requests for larger loan amounts may be considered at the SU Advice Managers and VP Welfare officer's discretion. If you are asking for a larger loan amount you may be asked to provide further details/evidence when your application is processed.
  4. All loans are interest free but must be repaid
  5. Unless there are exceptional circumstances (this must be discussed and agreed with the SU Advice Manager) loans must be repaid by the end of the academic year.
  6. Any loan not repaid by the end of the academic year (unless with prior agreement) will result in the student being registered in debt with the University. This may result in you being unable to graduate or re-register for your next academic year until the loan has been repaid.
  7. Applications for loans to pay off a debt to the University will be refused.
  8. Applicants who have previously been registered in debt to the University for non-repayment of an SU Hardship loan will be refused.
  9. Students are eligible for a maximum of one loan per term and no further loans will be considered whilst a previous loan repayment is still outstanding.


Important information:

Everything you tell us will be treated confidentially, however, some details of your loan application will need to be shared with the SU Finance team and potentially with the University of Essex Finance/Income team. No details of the circumstances that have led you to require a loan will be shared.

By submitting this application form, you are agreeing to the following statements:

  • - I confirm the information provided in this application is true, and that I have read and understood the Hardship Loan Terms and Conditions (as above) and agree to abide by them.
  • - I understand that if I fail to repay, the debt will be passed to the University and will prevent me from graduating or re-registering for my next year of study and that no further loans will be permitted.
  • - I understand that, to ensure the effectiveness of the service the SU Advice will keep a record of my application and details so that they can contact me, if necessary, about my loan. Under the General   Data Protection Regulations 2016/679, I have a right to see any records kept about me.


Statement of Consent:

By submitting this form, I give consent to the following:

  • - I consent to information provided in this application regarding myself and my circumstances being held by SU Advice.
  • - I consent to the following details of my loan application (if approved) being shared with the University of Essex Students’ Union Finance team for the purpose of processing my loan and recording repayments.

                   o Full Name

                   o Loan Reference number (as assigned by SU Advice)

                   o Amount of money loaned

                   o Loan Repayment date

                   o Bank Account transfer details (If I request payment of the loan directly into my bank account/repay the loan via online transfer)

  • - I consent to the following details of my loan application (if I fail to repay the loan) being shared with the university of Essex Income and Finance teams and for the laon amount to be added as a University debt:

                   o Full Name

                   o University PRID number

                   o Amount of money outstanding


Please note, in some cases we may need to seek further information from Student Support regarding any previous loans you have taken with them. Unless you state otherwise (see the question in the application form), by submitting this form you authorise the staff of SU Advice to correspond with the University of Essex Funding team regarding any previous loans/grants taken.  We will let you know when and why, if we need to contact them.


To apply for a hardship loan, click the link below and complete the form.