Candidate for the position of Asian officer

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Lim Yi Shan

Equality for all.

Who are you?

Hello everyone! I'm Yi Shan. I'm from Malaysia and I'm in my second year studying law with business.


What or who inspired you to run for this position?

I would like to make the Asian students feel comfortable and safe during their time in UK and especially in university and to give them an impression and confidence that all will  have a equal opportunity in what ever they're taking part of. By running this post, I will be able to meet more people from various places and know better their unique culture and render my help when required.

My friends and my parents are those who  inspired me  because they're always supportive and they urged me to take up the challenge in order to equip myself with experience  and techniques of problems solving skills.


Why should our students vote for you?

I was a treasurer, class president, master planner and head of advertising team during high school. I'm currently an ISA marketing officer and student conduct committee panel member . I believe that with my past experience, there is no doubt that I can do well in this role.


How do you plan to represent our students?

Being able to solve the problem faced by other and making the right decision is vital in most of the situations. For critical issue voiced up by student which need collective decision, I will bring the issue to the board meeting to discuss and find the solution to the problem. I will also improve and develop new idea as to how to effectively communicate with the student who need guidance and assistance. Lastly, I will do my best to ensure that the issue raised will be dealt with accordingly.


What skills do you believe you have that will help ensure the success of the big plan next year?

  • Responsible – I am able to finish all the given tasks within the given time.


  • Flexible – I am able to do different tasks at the same time.


  • Communication - I am able to listen and communicate clearly with other people.


  • Organization – I manage my time well and I am able to work efficiently.


  • Teamwork – I work closely with the team and take on the responsibilities that are given by the team.


  • Leadership – I lead and allocate the given tasks to the team members.


  • Ability to work under pressure – I can work under pressure despite having different roles and do it well.