Candidate for the position of LGBQ+ Officer



Developing our community one gay at a time.

Hello, I’m Phoenix (though most people just call me Fee). I’m a first year Philosophy, Politics and Economics student here at Essex. Currently I’m one of your LGBTQ+ Reps on Student Parliament, but I’m looking at increasing my involvement with our community further next year by running to be your new LGBQ+ Officer.

I was inspired to run for this position through my work in student parliament and hearing first-hand the issues many of the members of our community face and things they want to change in order to improve their university experience. If elected as your LGBQ+ Officer I would like to improve and add new initiatives and opportunities for LGBTQ+ students at the university. This includes more free social events (such as games and movie nights, as well as group meals) so people can get to know each other better and really build up a sense of community here. Moreover, I hope to increasingly highlight various available services for LGBTQ+ students in the wider Colchester area so support can always be found – such as affordable LGBQT+ friendly counselling at Outhouse East in town as many members of our community are disproportionately affected by things like mental health issues. Other highlighted issues that I hope to continue campaigning for include improving the music at the IGNITE LGBTQ+ night on campus, campaigning and protesting against hate speech stalls on campus, and more generally campaigning and protesting the dramatic increase in TERF ideology found in academia. I would like to introduce more events to campus especially for LGBTQ+ History Month such as workshops, talks (with both internal and external speakers from the LGBTQ+ community), and staff training on LGBTQ+ issues – with the ultimate goal of setting up an annual Essex University Pride event to occur during this month too having seen Sussex University successfully produce one that I know the students really enjoyed.

Intersectionality should always be at the heart of our community here on campus which is why I believe it is vital for the LGBQ+ Officer to work efficiently with the Trans Officer so ensure the whole community is represented and heard, moreover, if elected I would also work alongside other officers like the Women’s Officer and Black Student Officer to further increase understanding and knowledge amongst our often intersecting groups.

I hope to represent all students in our community by having an open email and door for anyone who ever wants a chat about issues they are facing our for people who maybe have further suggestions and things they want changed and improved for their university experience.

Students should vote for me to improve the already existing services and opportunities at Essex for LGBTQ+ students and to bring about exciting and vital changes as well. It would truly be an honour to continue representing you all.