Candidate for the position of VP International



‘Toss a vote to your future. Alex for VP International, designed to make changes, engineered to last’

1.   Who are you?

My name is Alexandru Ilie and I am currently in my masters here at the University of Essex, studying Organised Crime, Terrorism, and Security. If I would try to self-define, I can say that I am an outgoing individual, with huge amounts of energy, that has always looked up for being a pro-active member of the community.

 I see myself as a natural leader and a person that can communicate to all levels in any environment, thus allowing me to easily integrate into any community. My drive and energy come from my desire to be part of the positive changes, and help others succeed, promote and achieve more.

 Other than some of my characteristics and traits, I am an individual that firmly believes in equality, positive change, loves playing the piano, and would give 110% if there is a slight possibility to be better and do better.

2.   What or who inspired you to run for this position?

I came from Romania to Essex University in 2016, with a dream of broadening my knowledge and expanding my interaction with different cultures and traditions; Hence what sold it for me ‘the most international University in the UK’.

Now, with the opportunity of being elected Chairman of the International Student Association and all past experiences at Essex of being the President of the Romanian Society, a Vteam project coordinator and a SU Learn Frontrunner, I can say that part of my vision has been fulfilled, and I have had the privilege to learn from different cultures, as much as share my own with others.

I aspire to reach new grounds, motivated by my current position, I aim to be the new VP International in order to not just engage with all the amazing international communities at Essex University, but be their voice and represent all their interests, promote their culture and traditions, and finally reach a new milestone with our amazing international community here at the University of Essex.

3.   Why should our students vote for you?

Being an international at Essex for more than 4 years now, I have had the privilege to be part, hear and see how the international community is viewed and represented. As such, I can only say that by voting me, these votes will not go unnoticed, and my drive to further develop, promote and be the representative of all that is international at Essex will keep growing.

I personally never stop to obstacles, but always seek to find solutions, that also applies if I am elected in the VP International Role. With every query, we will work together in finding a solution, to every event, we will work together in promoting it, to every culture, we will together seek to engage and welcome it into our international world, with every tradition, we will actively share it with the world, finally expanding and giving our international community a truly global panel to be represented from, and create a homey atmosphere for all our international students and members. As such, I say this, a vote for me is a vote for yourself and the international community.


4.   How do you plan to represent our students?

Over the years I learned how to make my voice heard, and now, I can firmly state that with every opportunity to raise awareness for our student communities and represent their interest, I will do my best to be there and act on it.

 Another important aspect that will act as my guiding book should I be elected, will be to go back to our students, and seek out what they want to change, what they want to see, and what they expect to be delivered. As long as this opportunity of being VP International comes from the Essex student community, then it is right, that from there, any changes should start from. Better than anyone, you, the students know what you want to see and what you expect.

Furthermore, I will work tirelessly with my team, the student community and University staff, in order to attain to our student needs as much as possible and be the representative you choose me to be.

 I will also try to solve the ‘equal representation’ issue, I believe exists within cultural societies, where not enough attention is directed towards smaller communities from our university. By allowing everyone to engage with the ISA, help them promote themselves and organise their events, only then we will truly draw closer to the ‘all around the world community’ that Essex university houses.

5.   What skills do you believe you have that will help ensure the success of the big plan next year?

My pro-active nature and drive towards the better are some of the main traits I will lead with when seeking to engage with the SU big plan in order to provide feasible changes. My communication and engagement skills will further allow me to understand and better engage with how the students want the SU to focus on the big plan for the next year. My leadership and resilience will also be part of my arsenal, allowing me to be the voice of students within the parliament and the university, ensuring that what is wanted is also heard and solutions are on their way.

Past experiences also thought me how to act as a leader, by taking important decisions and placing thoughts into action, how to coordinate a team and deliver quality materials/sessions to the members (Rosoc President). Furthermore, I had the opportunity to learn how it is to work on a big project by myself and in a team (SU Learn Frontrunner), when I had to asses and reorganise the whole training request/delivery for our Student’s Union staff.

6.   Conclusion

Finally, the role of ISA Chairman allowed me to become more knowledgeable and engaged with our international students, allowing me to have a clear vision of how we should work towards new developments and improve the overall quality of our Student’s Union, life in campus and deliver of the SU Big plan.

Thus I apply with utmost enthusiasm for the position of VP International, as for me it is the next challenge, I am ready to face and overcome for my personal career, and the place that I know will suit my skills and experience when seeking to represent the international community at the University of Essex.