Candidate for the position of Mature Students' Officer



I'm Sam, and I am 28 years old with 3 children. I am currently a second year undergraduate Law student and the Mature Student Community Officer for 2019/2020.

I am running again this year as I still feel mature students are underrepresented. When I began my studies I found it difficult to fit in, and difficult to find avenues of support that were unique to my needs. I hope to continue with the work I have done this year to open up avenues, and make a difference to each and every mature student.

I have a passion for bringing people together and creating necessary, long lasting change. However I am not afraid to rock the boat if this is needed to fully express people's voices. I am hard working and very approachable. I have found through my experience that it is important to note that no issue or problem is too small.

I feel I am the best person to accurately represent the myriad of views of mature students and project every single one of your voices.